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How To Spy On iPhone With Just The Number

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Have you ever been concerned about someone who spends too much time on their phone? Have you ever been compelled to touch someone’s phone to see what they’ve been up to all day? Have you ever wondered whether you could tap a phone without really touching it? In this post, we’ll teach you how to tap a phone using simply the number.

Do you believe it’s feasible to learn how to tap a phone without having to touch it? Do you believe you can snoop on an iPhone merely by dialing the number? Some individuals believe that listening in on someone’s phone without their permission is illegal. That, however, is not the case. You could wish to spy on someone’s cell phone for a variety of reasons.

You could want to listen in on someone’s phone for a variety of reasons. There are numerous circumstances where you are left with no option but to spy on someone’s mobile phone activities, from keeping your children safe from rising online threats to monitoring your employees’ online behavior to spying on your disloyal partner.

We are often absorbed by our digital gadgets, particularly our mobile phones, as long as we are a part of the digital universe. Our lives have grown easier since the introduction of cell phone technology. Cell phones are used for various functions during the day, including communicating with people on social media, having business meetings, looking up information, and buying online.

On social media platforms, evil-minded individuals lurk, always looking for young and innocent youngsters to exploit. They force young children to perform things that are illogical and inappropriate by trapping them.

As a result, parents must develop strategies to monitor their children’s cell phone usage. You can also learn about a method that allows you to secretly tap someone’s phone using only their phone number. Similarly, can you determine whether or not it is feasible to tap a cell phone without touching it? 

There are various techniques for tracking someone’s mobile phone activities, some of which are free and others are not. In the long term, we’ll figure out which technique works best.

Can I Spy an iPhone with Just the Number?

To put it simply, the answer is no. Because Apple has too many limitations, you won’t be able to snoop on an iPhone with only a phone number. 

If you wish to spy on an iPhone using a phone number, there’s just so much you can do. The same is applicable if you want to snoop on an iPhone by utilizing its IMEI number. With either of these approaches, your progress will be limited to tracking the phone’s approximate location. With only their phone number or IMEI, you won’t be able to snoop on their phone contents or internet activity.

You can use a monitoring app to snoop on an iPhone, but you can’t merely use its phone number to spy on it. No way lets you spy on a phone just by using the number.

Strategies to Spy iPhone

There are several methods to spy on the iPhone nowadays. Some of the effective strategies to spy on iPhone devices are:

iPhone Spy Without Apple ID and Password

It is incredibly easy to snoop on someone if you know their Apple ID and password. Typically, all you need to do is sync the data on the target device with iCloud, then log in with your Apple ID to view the data. But, if you don’t have an Apple ID or password, can you snoop on an iPhone?

You may now spy on an iPhone without having an Apple ID or password; all you have to do is pick one of the many applications available. Many of these applications even let you spy on someone’s iPhone without them knowing.

You might be wondering if you can spy on an iPhone without an Apple ID or password now that you’ve opted to do so. It is commonly known that spying on someone without an Apple ID and password is tough, and most people believe it is impossible unless the device is jailbroken.

There is, however, a better method. Mobile monitoring applications can spy on an iPhone without the device’s Apple ID or password or the need to jailbreak the device. Many of them are both very effective and simple to use.

There is, however, a better method. Mobile monitoring applications can spy on an iPhone without the device’s Apple ID or password or the need to jailbreak the device. Many of them are both very effective and simple to use.

The following are some of the most well-known monitoring applications for spying on an iPhone:


MobileSpy phone tracker tool and monitoring setup are simple to use and moderate! It works on both Android and iPhone devices and is simple to set up, so you can be a hacker in no time with the MobileSpy software. MobileSpy is the easiest way to spy on an iPhone without using your Apple ID or password.

Similarly, this product, like the rest of the finest mobile spy software, allows you to spy on text messages as well as photographs and recordings, check web browser history, and more, all while remaining undetected thanks to Stealth Mode. MobileSpy provides many of the same features as more expensive projects at an affordable cost to anybody.


  • Screen all social media activity.
  • View all incoming calls in real-time.
  • Remotely take photos.
  • Keep track of your emails.
  • Track location using GPS.
  • View/Extract text messages.
  • See all of your smartphone’s activities.
  • Access the Contacts on the Target Phone.
  • Check web browsing history.


If you want both trustworthy and simple software to use, mSpy is the finest option to spy on an iPhone without an Apple ID and password. One of the primary reasons we suggest mSpy is because it delivers reliable statistics on the many types of information you wish to monitor.


  • Call records, social networking applications (WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook), texts, and other data are all tracked.
  • Easy to track photos sent and received on the gadget.
  • It is not necessary to jailbreak the iPhone to utilize it.
  • mSpy will also stay undetectable on the target device, allowing you to track it without the previous owner’s knowledge.


Spyic is another tool that may spy on an iPhone without the need for an Apple ID or password. You’d have to install the app on the iPhone, like MobileSpy, which would be hidden on the target device. To install Spyic on your iPhone, you’ll also need to jailbreak it.


  • It can monitor a wide range of data, including phone calls, social media applications, and text messages.
  • It has a geo-tracking capability that can track the target device’s position in real-time.
  • You can keep track of the applications on the smartphone and how they’re being utilized.
  • You can view the web browser history on the target device, including a complete list of websites visited, site descriptions, and time spent on each page.

Spy on iPhone without target phone access

We need to spy on someone’s iPhone for various reasons. It is used for several reasons. For example, you could wish to follow the person’s present location or see who they are in touch with. 

Similarly, as an employer, you may be forced to spy on your employees due to certain conditions. Finding an efficient iPhone spying application on the market is not difficult. Unlike what most of you believe, there are plenty of options. The true issue, though, is something else entirely.

If we look at the top ten iPhone spying apps on the market, nine of them require physical access to the phone to spy on it. They don’t need access for ongoing spying, but having access to an iPhone is necessary for setting up the software.

As you can expect, this might cause the individual to have doubts, which negates the objective of having them spied on. That is why we require an iPhone spying solution that does not require access to the target phone. You’ll need to borrow Target’s iPhone for this.

You might be thinking about how to set up iPhone spying without having access to the device. For this, you have to use MobileSpy, a reputable smartphone spy application.

For those unfamiliar, MobileSpy is a smartphone spying software company that has been around for quite some time. It has attracted the interest and trustworthiness of a wide range of consumers over time.

Employers, Parents, and others are now using MobileSpy for various spying objectives. MobileSpy is compatible with all brands and cellular providers and is available for Android, iOS. As we previously stated, it provides a way to spy on iPhones without having direct access to the device.

Why is spying important?

Teenagers and children are always at risk of being exploited by the internet world. No matter how many times you inquire, your child will always be interested in the safety of youngsters. Enterprises, on the other hand, suffer risks to their private data.

So, why wait for a threat to strike when you can protect your children and company with an advanced free iPhone spy app?

Keep reading iPhone spying app importance.

Create Safe Digital Environment

iPhone spying allows parents to keep track of their children’s online and digital activities on their mobile devices. Parents may discover possible hazards by monitoring their children’s mobile usage and taking suitable measures to keep them safe online.

On the other hand, businesses hold secret information such as private data, sale deeds, and so on. Unfortunately, when such material is released, it destroys a company and tarnishes its reputation. That is why, to ensure that their employees are loyal to the company and executing their duties diligently, most firms now install iPhone spying applications on their employees’ work phones.

Keep a Close Eye on Everything

Do you want to learn more about someone you care about?

Because most individuals spend their time online, watching their social media activity might show their hobbies, friends, and other details. Parents may easily monitor their children’s activities by spying on their iPhone phones and tablets. Do not mistake child spying with stalking; parents spy on their children to provide a secure digital environment for them.

Trusting every employee is nothing more than a gamble. You must pre-install an Android surveillance app on all company-owned mobile devices to safeguard your business. Employers may discover what their employees do online, who they meet, and who they contact using this method.

You Can Find People Whenever You Want

Are you certain your employee is on sick leave at home?

Is your teen enrolled in extracurricular activities?

You don’t know the truth unless you can verify it for yourself. Spying on your children’s and employees’ iPhones has made it easier to track them down. Parents may follow their children using active GPS tracking to see if they are in school or not.

Similarly, company management may use iPhone spying to follow their workers’ work phones and see where they are or go during the day.

In personal usage, iPhone spying uses an active location tracker function to help you locate a lost or stolen smartphone. You may use a GPS tracker to discover your exact location if your smartphone has internet access turned on.

Best Spy App to Spy iPhone for Free without them knowing (No iCloud Password, No Installing Software)

Without the user’s knowledge, a strong and advanced mobile phone tracking application can monitor their whole cell phone activities. It’s capable of a great deal more. You can tap into someone’s cell phone activity and learn everything about their internet activities with the help of this monitoring app.

It can also teach you how to tap a phone without touching it. Here are the four best Spy apps on iPhone:


MobileSpy is one of the best and reliable spy apps for the iPhone. It can track all the activities of others’ mobile phones once you succeed in spying. 

This mobile phone tracking tool may also be used to track someone’s location because it uses GPS technology to record their current location in real-time. You can access the target person’s phone conversations, emails, text messages, contact lists, pictures and videos, and social media profiles using MobileSpy. You can also examine their online surfing history and all of their other actions on their smartphone.

Furthermore, this mobile phone tracking tool lets you see where the target individual goes, who they connect with, and who they meet behind your back. Parents concerned about their children’s internet activities can use this cell phone tracking software to keep an eye on them.


  • Monitor Phone Calls and Messages
  • Access Messenger Chats
  • Keylogger
  • Track GPS
  • Monitor Online Activities
  • Stealth Mode


Cocospy is also one of the finest iPhone spy applications, having carved out a place for itself. Hundreds of thousands of people utilize it all around the world. You can use the software to track a target iOS device from afar.

The target geolocation can be easy to track. Instagram direct messages, Facebook messages, and WhatsApp chats are all accessible. Snapchat messages can even be viewed after they have been erased. Cocospy is a highly strong software as a result of this. You’ll also be able to create geofencing alerts so that you’ll be notified anytime the target user goes over a specific region. 


  • Call and SMS monitoring
  • Location Tracking
  • Multimedia file monitoring
  • Online activity tracking


Minspy is a spyware program that makes monitoring a phone or tablet device ten times simpler. It is secure, easy, and, most importantly, simple. It can track any computer, smartphone, or tablet with a web browser, so you don’t have to be near it to keep tabs on it.


  • Monitoring of Calls and Messages
  • Stealth Mode
  • Tracking with GPS
  • Social media monitoring on the internet


FlexiSPY is another famous phone spy app that is regularly ranked among the best in its category. Its extensive and user-friendly feature set further cement its reputation as one of the finest applications for remotely monitoring a device.

The software is used for simple phone and message monitoring to more advanced activities like camera hacking and keylogging. The software succeeds at all of the functions it provides and takes little work on the user’s part to keep it running smoothly.


  • Call recording and monitoring
  • Monitoring and recording on social media
  • Recording of the Environment
  • Geo-Fencing


One of the most popular phone spying applications on our list is XNSPY. When it comes to spyware apps, it may be considered a market leader. It may be a useful surveillance tool for keeping an eye on both your children and your workers.


  • Monitor incoming and outgoing calls and messages.
  • Access Messenger Chats.
  • Keylogger.
  • Track your location with GPS.
  • Monitor Online Activities.


To conclude, if you try to spy on an iPhone using only the phone number, your possibilities will be restricted. Spy, many websites that claim to assist you on an iPhone by using its phone number or IMEI number are simply half-truths. While this approach will reveal the iPhone’s approximate location, you will not access any more information.

Therefore, use the best methods to spy on the iPhone as mentioned above for effective and safe monitoring and ensuring your children are safe from online threats and dangers.

Author: Keira Zelman 

Keira Zelmanis a parent-focused writer at MobileSpy. She focuses her efforts on helping children reach their full potential academically, in social and linguistic terms and fosters and promotes the growth and development of parents and children. She aims to build a better and positive environment for children through her writings.

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