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How to Select Roses & Their Colors for Different Occasions


Roses have become the special means for expressing love and appreciation to someone special. Over the years, the refinements in the language of roses have resulted in the association of several occasions. It is most importantly the colors of the roses that determine the respective occasion.

How to Select Roses

While, on the other hand, the number of roses are also considered. No matter what the occasion is, you can easily get roses from a gift store online. Listed below are the interrelation of roses with the occasion.

Romance: In the floral community, the relationship between romance and red roses are interchangeable. It has become the special choice for a romantic occasion. Being an ultimate symbol of love, it is ideal for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any special day when someone wants to say “I Love You”. Send flowers online and keep yourself away from the hassle of visiting the store physically.

Weddings: White roses also known as bridal roses symbolize unity and purity adhered with the new bond of marriage. Mostly bridal bouquets consist of white roses, while several other ceremonies consist of the white rose motifs. These types of roses can easily be available from gift stores online.

Birthdays: The best way to send happy birthday wishes is by sending a bouquet of roses that can become the centerpiece for a birthday party. An assortment of multi-colored roses or just a bouquet of yellow roses will be perfect for this occasion.

Mother’s Day: Make a big and lasting impression on mom by sending a bouquet of her favorite color roses. It is a day when you can show your appreciation for everything that your mothers do. Send flowers online to your mom and let them know how special they are.

Thank You: Roses are a time memorial symbol for appreciation. Any roses can be used to say thank you. But, according to traditional meanings of roses, the best color to show gratitude is dark pink colored roses.

Get Well: To brighten up someone’s day, choose some vibrant and cheerful colors. A colorful bouquet of roses can be perfect to uplift the mood and spirits of someone. Get it from a gift store online and let them know how much you care for them.

Sympathy: Soft muted colors are best for expressing sympathy. White roses are used to represent reverence and honor. Pale pink roses convey the message of sympathy.

Rose Color Meaning Guide

Red Roses: This color is the most symbolic of all roses and is the ultimate I Love You statement. The red rose reflects beauty and perfection. The dark red rose is a feeling of romance. And when a single white rose intertwined with red roses shows unity.

White Roses: This color evoke a sense of purity and innocence

Pink Roses: Pink is the color of the feminine. This color represents grace and sweetness

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses bouquet depicts feelings of joy and cheerfulness. The perfect number to give is a bouquet of six yellow roses.

Cream Color Roses: This color rose is an indication of thoughtfulness and charm. Gifting a single cream colored rose shows your thoughtful nature and says thank you. Pairing it with pink roses shows gratitude.

Orange Roses: This color evokes feelings of energy and excitement. Convey your passionate love for your partner with this beautiful orange color. If you are new in a relationship, six orange roses will depict your joyful feelings for your partner in a new relationship.

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