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How to Cross Stitch for Beginners for Ultimate Guide

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Cross stitch is one of the most famous craftsmanship today. Cross stitch pattern maker sew two diagonal lines on each square of the fabric and make a size x. This is often called a sneaker because you have to count the stitches to know where to sew.


Cross stitches are great gifts for friends and family or to decorate your home, and you can customize them. The sewing process takes time and effort, but once sewn, all is very expensive.


Here are some tips to help you get started:


Choice of clothes


Dozens of fabrics like Ida, Fabric and Fabric can be chosen.


Idea Fabric is recommended for beginners. Ida has canvas blocks so you can stick to the design by blocks.


The number of digits on the Ida fabric represents the number of squares per inch of fabric. For example, a 14 “cloth would be a 14” square.


Sewing and knitting are also complicated. Unlike Ida fabrics, which use checkered, flat fabrics, only show lines. The fabric should usually be glued in two lines to make it “square”.


The number of garments of the same weave is double the monthly number. For example, if you are sewing a 14-digit pattern, you should use plain 28-digit fabric.


Text and size


Shoe covers such as “28” x 112 “stitches usually include length and width measurements. This number represents the number of stitches in the final project. The size of the completed project depends on the number of units.


Calculation and volume


The size of the final design is determined by the number of bits. The larger the number, the smaller the canvas.


For example, a 28 x 112 watt stitch design. The 14 digits are 2 “(5.08 cm) long and 8” (20.32 cm) long. For size 11, it is 2.54 “(6.46 cm) wide and 10.18” (25.86 cm) high.


When choosing the size of the fabric, place 3-5 cm around the fabric for another width.




To avoid sewing clothes, create a loop for the fabric to match the fabric in the design kit. Text account grids are usually 10 x 10.


The net can be sewn or pulled with a washing pen.


Flowers and thread


Knitting is the wing thread used for sewing. There are 6 threads in each fabric, but you usually sew fewer threads at a time.


For 11 numbers, you can use 2-3 threads for sewing and 1-2 threads for backstitch. In size 14, you can use 1-2 for sewing and 1 for later sewing.


But depending on what the design looks like, the application line really depends on you.


Sewing method


The traditional way to cross the stitches is to sew on one side at the end of the row, then cross the stitches in the opposite direction, making each X.


Even if you start, the top seam should go in the same direction, so the final design is seamless.


Thread cemetery


After weaving a specially dyed yarn, pack the shoes and work horizontally under the vertical line of the fabric. Repeat 3-4 times to check the bending depth of the wire.


Back stitching


When all the shoes are gone, the back seam is used to create the design. You will need to use a piece of cord for the rear seam. But if you want your design to be realistic, you don’t need a back SIM.


This once cross stitch design is complete, the fabric should be washed and ironed.


You have to wash clothes, or you have to work with other brands used to make clothes. Then hang the dry iron cloth at about 100 degrees Celsius.


Keep your hands and things clean during this process.


Shoe supply

Now you must have the knowledge to start designing your shoes.

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