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How Do You Upgrade Home Security with Smart Gadgets

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In times like this where inflation is at its highest in the United States and worldwide alike, crime levels are also on the rise. Prices for basic commodities are the highest they’ve ever been in years, and income levels haven’t been adjusted accordingly in several countries. With this growing economic crises and crime rates rising simultaneously, there is no stone that should be left unturned when it comes to home security. 

Security systems are the go-to for any homeowner looking to implement any sort of home security. And while they are an efficient means of providing security for your residence, if there are alternative means available then why not make use of them? That brings us to smart devices being used for home security purposes. You may have heard of how great such devices are for easy and inexpensive means of home automation, but with that comes additional features – one of which is home security. 

Smart Gadgets That Can Upgrade Home Security 

1. Google Nest Cam

The Nest Cam is better than any surveillance camera that you may have had or are using at present, and it is not only because of the smart tech that it features, but also because of its design. The Nest Cam is comparatively smaller in size  as opposed to regular surveillance cameras, and come in two variants: wired and battery operated ones. They can be placed pretty much anywhere and even mounted to the wall if you would prefer that – and the cameras are also weatherproof so they’re perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

But here’s the best part, these smart cameras don’t require any additional wiring because they’re not connected to just a monitor somewhere in the living room, where the live video is displayed. Instead, the Nest Cam footage is available on our smartphones from the Google Home app! Watch over your home from wherever you are, even if it’s while you’re on vacation or just down the street taking a stroll in the neighborhood. Rewind the footage in case you missed out on anything too. However, what’s even better than watching the camera footage from your smartphones, is the fact that these cameras facilitate two-way audio with built in microphones and speakers in the device.

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2. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Smart Locks are perfect for automating, and making entry and exit into your home keyless but what they’re also good for is making the door locks tamperproof. The August Smart Lock (4th generation) is one of the best smart door lock contenders out there. It’s easy to install in a sense that all that needs to be done is to replace it with the deadbolt on the door. After that all that needs to be done is to configure the device through its mobile app, the August app.

The automation feature of this device is what makes it quite convenient to have since it makes entry and exit into your home keyless. But what it also does is that it allows you to keep tabs on your home. It features Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock which can detect whenever you’re approaching the door or leaving your home in order to lock and unlock your doors accordingly. It also drops the whole idea of having to hide spare keys, or lend keys to your friends and family for when you’re not around. Why? Because through the August app you can lock, unlock your door from wherever you are!

And not only is it controllable via the phone app, but the August Smart Lock can also enable voice control considering it’s compatible with Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant. 

3. Philips Hue Outdoor Floodlight

Automated lighting in our homes is probably one of the top things when it comes to installing anything smart. But what you probably didn’t realize is that smart and automated lighting is also useful for your home’s safety. How? Here’s the perfect example: the Philips Hue Outdoor Floodlight. 

This floodlight lights up upon detecting any movement and stays lit for over a minute. It’s perfect for deterring any intruders or trespassers, but what it’s also good for is the fact that it can light up your pathway whenever you’re making your way to the door or getting out of the car or standing on the porch looking for your keys in your bag. 

Security Bonus with Smart Gadgets

The above 3 gadgets are merely some of the few smart gadgets that include unique features which can be quite useful when it comes to monitoring and watching over your home. And that too remotely. Long gone are the days where you need to hide keys or entrust them to a person while you’re away, and neither would you have to worry about what goes on at home while you’re away – just pick up your phone and see what’s up. 

You can find more smart gadgets right here at Could be that you find the rest of them as useful as the above ones, you never know!

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