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How Do The AI-Based Programme And Algorithm work In YouTube In 2022?


The YouTube algorithm is primarily programmed to help you to find videos of your interest and whatever you wish to see and maximize viewer satisfaction for a long time. Similar as any other social media platform, the algorithm of this application always evolved with time. Therefore, they are changed several times during the whole time.

It can infect change in future because there are over 2.1 billion user on this platform for every corner of the world. Who makes daily demands of enhancing their experience and report a new bug. In one Internet minute, around 6,94,000 hours are streamed by YouTube users. There are millions of content creator uploading content on this platform every day. Some facts about YT are as follows. 

The YouTube algorithm before 2022

YouTube has significantly adjusted its algorithm from time to time. The impact of these changes has changed the YouTube Discovery determination program and how users come across them. There are many advantages to using this application. It is 100 % free to use and convenient.

2005 – 2011: Click and views

Add the initial stages of this application, the algorithm decides on videos with more views and likes. They will make it more discoverable and show it on the trending page so that more and more people can reach that video for more views. However, this type of algorithm is used to increase the sense of competition among people who buy YouTube views from 3rd party applications.

In 2006 Nike Ronaldinho’s ad became the first video to reach 1,000,000 views on this platform. After a few years, in 2008, the evolution of dance video was the first to reach around 100 million views. With the increase in views and likes, clickbait videos dominated the platform pushing user interest, so this made Google change their algorithm.

2012: Watch time 

Later in 2012, YouTube announced a new metric known as time watched. To increase their search and suggestion video algorithm, YouTube decided on the videos of people and saw their timing on how much time they spent watching a single video. Those videos are valued most, which users have spent most of their time on.

2015 – 2016: Satisfaction & personalisation

In 2016 YouTube decided to launch a paper on its algorithm to enhance the recommendation system. According to the paper, the user’s watch history, search history and video completion history all contribute to producing a recommendation for the user. Therefore, they decided to make it more personalized so that it could easily provide satisfaction to their user.

The company ran hundreds of surveys to collect data to enhance the user experience with much more efficiency and satisfaction. As a result, this type of algorithm became a huge success for many social media networking sites, and YouTube was one of them.

2016 – Present: Demonetisation & policy updates 

After 2016 YouTube have a small change again in their algorithm. But still, it is working as it used to work in 2016. In the last six years, there has been no certain change can be seen in the algorithm of this platform. Although demonetization was ineffective, add the initial stages of this application because, at that time, YouTube was not able to send a notification to the content creator, who often violated their policy and did things against the guideline. 

Some people buy YT views to increase their videos’ efficiency, which is completely against this application’s privacy policy. However, the algorithm has a tendency to take action on behalf of YouTube and send me a notification for violating their policy. They tightened their policy and made sure that no one would have the authority to access anything from 3rd party applications on their server.

How does the YouTube algorithm work today?

Although there were not many changes after 2016, 2022 will give you more insight into the algorithm and its recommendation system. Today with the help of the Internet, everything has become transparent, and with the huge accessibility of the Internet, YouTube is currently changing its category to personalize content. YouTube has three major types of categories to personalize recommendations and content for their users.

  1. Personalization – This is determined by the user’s watch history and actions of videos they use
  2. Performance – Interest in watching videos and their view duration according to user satisfaction.
  3. External factor – This includes top pickle interests and how your competition is performing on this platform. Moreover, it is related to the relevance of the current season.

These were a few years in which YouTube changed its algorithm, and after so many changes, it is now stable for a few years. It is a table because it enhances the user experience on another level, and people cannot violate their policies. Moreover, YouTube allows users to earn a decent amount of money by making content on their applications.

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