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Gujarat Man Rewarded for Informing about Broken Rail Track, Netizens Say He Deserves More



The post about a man from Gujarat who ran 1 km to inform a train driver about a broken railway track is going viral. The tweet was shared by Awanish Sharan, an IAS officer. He wrote that Rakesh Baria was awarded a cash prize of Rs 5,000 by Ratlam division railway officials for sharing information about a broken track and potentially saving the lives of hundreds of passengers. He shared a photo of Rakesh receiving the honour. However, netizens felt that the reward was too small for such a great service.

“He ran for 1 km to inform Train Driver about broken track in Gujrat. He was awarded a cash prize of Rs5,000.”

“Rakesh Baria was honoured by the Ratlam division railway officials with a cash reward of Rs 5,000. Baria said that when he was grazing his goats,he saw a railway track broken at one place, after which he ran for 1 KM to raise an alarm, but did not see any railway employee there.”

Netizens said he should have been paid more.

“Don’t you think Rs 5000 is very less?”

“What he did was incredible and salute to him. Rs.5000/- ? What an astronomical sum. He should add Rs.10/- and return back.

In case of unfortunate incident that was likely to happen if he had not warned , victims would have been paid 5 Lakhs and more each.”

“What … this is an insulat of his efforts .we give almost 5 lakhs for dead and 50 thousands for injured person. Person who is saving so many people’s lives and moreover many officers from suspension is getting 5000/ only ,Such a shame for this system and us that we r highlighting.”

“He should’ve been awarded at least Rs 1 lakh. He saved many lives and railway assets.”

What do you think?

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