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Guide to making your online application stand out in London


Applying for a master’s in business administration programme in London requires you to be aware of the admission requirements and application protocols. This not only includes the stipulated timelines and deadlines for the submission of relevant documents but also keeping in mind the application fees, gathering academic references, acquiring GRE or GMAT test scores and figuring out a good essay topic to represent your candidature.

If you are hoping to enrol into online MBA courses offered in the UK then you can use the application checklist provided in this article, as you browse through the online MBA programme of your choice and start with your submission process. Keep reading to find out the best possible ways to ensure that your application gets completed on time and qualified through the selection process.

Keep your undergraduate and graduate transcripts ready

This is because once your online MBA application is accepted you will have to showcase your official transcripts and submit a copy of all degree documents at the admissions office. Therefore you must have all documents related to your bachelor’s qualification or equivalent in place before time.

Review the business school’s test requirements

Although it is completely fine for you to go ahead and apply for your MBA degree without a GMAT or GRE test score, it is recommended that you have appeared in these examinations and scored well to demonstrate your readiness or proficiency for the post-graduate degree curriculum.

Keep your resume updated

Besides mentioning your hobbies and career interests, you must build a business portfolio that includes any professional or community activities that you may have engaged in. You can also go ahead and add a range of internship programmes or licencing certificates that can enhance your application.

Prepare your essays

Your MBA application should be free of spelling and grammatical errors, well written and concise at the same time. You must maintain fluidity from one paragraph to another, as it is a representation of your written communication skills, wherein each topic specified should be supported by asserted examples and facts.

Choose your referees

When choosing your academic references, you must reach out to professors who are well acquainted with your work style and academic performance, in addition to obtaining recommendations from your professional mentor, project manager or clients from your previous work experiences. After you have identified suitable recommenders, collect your references before you submit your MBA application.

Prepare for the personal interview

Online MBA programmes offered by top universities in the UK may at times contact the candidate to schedule an interview, validate the submitted materials and gain additional information about the student. 

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This article was written by Deblina Dam

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