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Groom Defends Taking Dowry, Threatens to Call off Wedding if Demands Not Met



Taking dowry is a punishable offence in India, but the video of a bridegroom saying that he would take back the ‘baraat’ if the bride’s father failed to pay up shows how prevalent this evil practice still is. The clip was shared by the deputy director of public relations for the Maharashtra government. In the video, the groom says that he has a government job and his father is a teacher. When the person taking the video asks him if he is not ashamed of taking dowry despite being educated, the groom reasons that everyone takes it, but they are not caught. The bride looks on as the man informs that though were promised Rs 1 lakh, a gold chain and a gold ring, they were yet to receive the gold ornaments. When the bride requests him to accept the cash for the time being and take the ornaments later on, the groom refuses. Watch the video here:

Netizens condemned the groom for demanding dowry.

“O.m.g what nonsense, he should be arrested as soon as possible.”

“To which ever department he Serves his service must be terminated immediately. I Request Govt to ensure necessary action against this guy and his father.His integrity stands doubtful.”

“@NCWIndia @NitishKumar @bihar_police demand for dowry is a crime and this guy in the video who is in Govt service is openly accepting he is demanding dowry and if he wont get he will cancel the marriage. Will action b taken against him?

“This nuisance will stop when parents of a daughter wd stop ‘buying’ grooms! When will parents realise that their daughter is enough. Change has to happen from both sides.”

“In 21st century, when we’re living in modern world . When we’re living in 4G, 5G era ,we think that now, we’re more civilized but unfortunately we don’t. This event is so horrible.”

The video has garnered more than 10K likes.

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