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Girl ‘Walks’ Across River On Electric Cables to Reunite With Mom



If you have been following social media trends recently, you would know that Malaysia has once again been hit by havoc caused by floods. Many pictures and videos of Malaysians battling the floods are going viral on social media. In the midst of many distressing visuals that have gone viral from Malaysia, one video of a mother and her daughter reuniting after being separated by the floods for two days is hogging a lot of attention. It is due to the fact that the daughter undertook an extremely perilous act to reunite with her mother.

The girl, after being separated from her mother for two days in the commotion caused by the floods, spotted her mother but she was on the other side of the river. However, the girl was determined to get to her mother. That determination gave her the will power and confidence to cross the broken bridge, by treading on electrical lines scattered over the river. She grabbed a road divider at the same time to keep from plummeting into the wild torrent below. The video of the incident has been circulating on social media.

Netizens were concerned after witnessing the girl’s activities, which were deemed unsafe due to the high voltage of the stomped electrical cable. Others stated that it should be safe because the electricity supply would most likely have been switched off. In any case, a simple misstep by the girl would have sent her plummeting into the water below. While many applauded the girl for her bravery, many hoped others would not follow her in the dangerous act.

According to a report in The Rakyat Post, the incident occurred in Terengganu where the bridge to the village of Kampung Belukar Bukit has been completely destroyed. It was this bridge that the girl was seen crossing. Communication lines, electricity and water supply were also affected in the area.

The country has been battling floods for a week. As of Tuesday morning, there were 17,742 flood victims in Terengganu alone, representing 4,557 families, with 141 temporary evacuation centres available.

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