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For what type of industries cut-resistant gloves are most helpful?

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Cut-resistant gloves are the type of gloves used for the protection of hands of the workers from cuts and burns while working with chemicals, fire and sharp objects like knives and sharp materials like metals. They are much stronger than any other gloves as various materials like polyethylene, glass fibre, and spandex are combined in their manufacturing process. It can resist even the strongest blades and helps avoid further injuries. Cut-resistant gloves provide their users a feeling of comfort as they are made up of low weight, ultra-thin, and elastic material which makes them convenient to wear.

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Cut-resistant gloves are distinguished by the American National standards institutions keeping in mind their safety capabilities. The cut-resistant gloves manufacturers produce gloves ranging from levels 1-9. The higher numbers represent the capability of resisting more cutting loads during examining. These levels are described as follows:

  • ANSI A1- This is mainly used for material handling, paper cutting, and assembling various parts of machinery.
  • ANSI A2/A3- This type of cut-resistant glove is used in handling materials and small parts, warehouses, and construction.
  • ANSI A4- This is used by the workers of industries manufacturing glass items, handling metals, and handling electrical equipment.
  • ANSI A5/A6- This is commonly used by the workers of the food industry, and automobile industries.
  • ANSI 7+- This type of cut-resistant glove is highly resistant to chemical burns and material cuts. Hence, it is used in oil and gas industries, industrial pipe fitting, and sheet cable handling.


The cut-resistant gloves manufacturers in India are specialized in manufacturing high quality gloves that have the capability to survive worst conditions. Due to it’s certain characteristics such as resistance to high-risk exposure, chemical resistance, and fighting against burns cut-resistant gloves are highly used in various types of industries described as follows:

  • Food processing industry- Wearing a Cut-resistant glove is compulsory for every worker who is engaged in any work involving knives or slicers. Also, cut-resistant gloves serve as the most effective gloves when employees’ hands are exposed to dangers such as severe abrasions, harmful temperatures, punctures, and thermal burns. When it comes to the type of cut-resistant gloves then, ANSI A5/A6 is used in the food processing industry.
  • Oil and gas industry- The oil and gas industries involve the most perilous activities. The employees working in oil and gas industries always operate with drill chains and other heavy equipment. They also experience contamination with oil and grease due to which it becomes more difficult to hold an object tightly. Cut-resistant gloves also have the potential to stand against oil and greases and thus protect hands from cuts, fire and explosion risk.
  • Automotive industry- The workers of automotive industries tolerate metal cuts, chemical burns, and high-temperature resources. Mechanical hazards such as radiation and electric shocks and risks associated with microbial contamination are common in automotive industries. The cut-resistant glove is used as a safety precaution against all such hazards in automotive industries.
  • Chemical industries- The physical properties of cut-resistant gloves such as improved grip and agility makes it suitable PPE equipment for the workers in chemical industries. Working in chemical industries means operating with various hazardous chemicals. Thus, a cut-resistant glove helps protect hands from any type of cuts or chemical burns.
  • Construction industry- The employees of the construction industry always work with sharp metals while cutting and drilling activities. They are also involved in the fabrication process which requires heat and pressure to join two or more parts of metals. Hence, they must wear cut-resistant gloves to protect their hands against cuts or other serious injuries.
  • Agriculture industry- In the agriculture industry, the workers are engaged in operations involving sharp agricultural equipment such as cotton picker, rake, plow, etc. Working with these objects requires your hands to be protected with cut-resistant gloves.



It is the responsibility of the employers of various types of industries to arrange and provide the best quality cut-resistant gloves for their workers to ensure a safe working environment. They should also conduct thorough research before selecting the best cut-resistant gloves manufacturer available in the market.

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