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Everything You Should About Amazon Fba Label Service


Are you an FBA seller and thinking about using the FBA labels service but have no idea how it works? We get you. 

Many Amazon sellers are confused about the FBA label service and it can affect their business profitability. Amazon FBA label service is a great and most effective way to save time and money for all the thirst party sellers on Amazon who source products from the suppliers and send them to Amazon fulfillment centers.

This labeling process can minimize their efforts and allow them to send their products directly to Amazon warehouse and shift the responsibility of the labeling process to Amazon labeling professionals. 

Before we tell you about Amazon label service it is vital to understand the significance of Amazon FBA labeling. Why do you need to label your inventory for your FBA store? 

Importance of Labelings in FBA? 

The labels have a crucial role in Amazon’s FBA business. Because these labels differentiate and track your inventory in the warehouse where thousands of similar products are stored from different sellers. To differentiate, Amazon has a standardized identification, and that is called FNSKU label or codes.

How many ways are there to do FBA labeling?

There are only two ways to label your Amazon’s FBA inventory. 

#1. Do it yourself: 

The first one is obvious, you can label your inventory yourself before delivering it to the Amazon warehouse. It’s a very straightforward process but involves different costs like if you’re a seller without a space to store inventory, you’ll have to spend on the rental cost of a warehouse to store your inventory and perform labeling on it by yourself or hiring someone to do it.

Another expense could be printing the FBA label stickers. Once done, now you have to send them to the Amazon warehouse which involves transportation expenses. 

#2. Use FBALabel Service: 

Amazon FBA sellers can opt for FBA label service by Amazon in which Amazon labels the inventory of the sellers against a small additional fee of $0.20 per barcoded label. However, there are certain requirements to match to qualify for using this service. For example, there should be standardized identification on each unit of the inventory that has been sent to the Amazon warehouse for labeling. 


Amazon FBA label service is an essential way from which sellers can get the convenience of sending their products by using the logistics capabilities of Amazon. But don’t forget, it’s not as easy it seems. All the FBA boxes require a particular barcode that Amazon can use to identify the belonging of the inventory. Sellers can use manufacturer barcodes on the boxes of the inventory that has been sent to the Amazon warehouse. In case if there are missing marks it could result in delays and hurt your FBA store’s score. 

Benefits of Using Amazon FBA Label Service:

There are several benefits of using the Amazon FBA service, some of them are very obvious but others should be explained so you can maximize benefits from using this service for your Amazon store. 

#1. It saves so much time: 

One of the obvious advantages of using the FBA label service is that its saves a lot of time for business owners. In business, time equals money. The more time you can save can be spent on growing your business and sales. On Amazon, the majority of the sales are done through third-party sellers. These sellers source products from a supplier and sell them using Amazon FBA. 

By using the Amazon FBA label service, they don’t have to get their inventory delivered to them. Instead, they can directly send the inventory to the Amazon warehouse and let Amazon take care of the rest of the work. 

#2. No Need for Storage and Transportation:

For running any e-commerce store you need to have a warehouse to store your inventory. It’s a crucial element that cannot ignore. Either you have to buy or rent a place to store and label your inventory.

In addition to that, whenever you receive an order you need to have transportation service to deliver your parcel. By using the Amazon FBA label the e-commerce store owners don’t can avoid leasing or renting a warehouse. They can directly send their inventory from the supplier to the Amazon warehouse using Amazon’s dedicated carriers. 

This makes doing online business very easier, and small budget business owners can also benefit from this and start Amazon FBA. In the US the minimum cost is a warehouse is a dollar for every square foot that doesn’t include the other costs like service and operating expenses. Imagine how much money you can save by using the FBA label service for your business. 


Amazon Sellers

Amazon FBA makes a great combination with FBA label service. By using them both you can maximize the chances of growing your business. However, your FBA business strategy has to be very good. For that, you can use Amazon FBA Coaching and expand your business. 



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