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Dainik Bhaskar Takes a Stand against Colourism in Matrimonial Ads, Wins Hearts Online

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Hindi daily ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ is winning accolades for taking a stand against colourism in matrimonial ads. In order to fight against such discriminatory practices in the arranged marriage sector, the newspaper has announced that they will not include words that describe a woman’s complexion in the matrimonial ads they print. Thus the commonly seen complexion qualifiers like ‘fair’, ‘dark’ and ‘wheatish’ will be excluded. The newspaper announced the decision in a tweet where the group said that such discriminatory practices have no place in the 21st century. They stressed that women have attributes which go much beyond their complexion, and that it’s high time Indian society realised that.

The decision was lauded by netizens who felt that such a step was long due.

“Hope others follow suit to put an end to #Colourism & similar such regressive determinants of #marriage cutting across genders.”

“Thanks @DainikBhaskarBR … What a great vision ..congratulations.”

“Its the best gift to all Women’s on International women’s day by Dainik Bhaskar… “

“Truly commendable & welcoming step.”

“Across the Indian states, we see ubiquity of taste-based discrimination on the women’s skin colour. Matrimonial ads asking for ‘fair brides’ are standing proof of our societal prejudice. Other media outlets should emulate this leading Hindi daily in stopping this practice.”

“A very commendable and thoughtful step..”

“Celebrating beauty beyond colour. Happy women’s day.”

In a similar step, popular matrimonial site removed the skin tone filter after pressure from users. This came after Hetal Lakhani from Dallas, USA, started an online petition against the skin tone preference option, the BBC reported. However, the website said they removed the feature as it was ‘serving no option’. The users were required to select their skin tone upon joining the website and could search for matches by the skin tone preferences, even though the site maintains that the skin tone filter didn’t work.

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