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Current and Past Technology Report

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This paper entails producing a document to demonstrate how the modern and past generation develops every day to influence future traits. This document explains the relationship between technology and social and political factors on the other. Technology and advertising are inseparable in that marketing have to maintain pace with the developing generation to make sure they use the most contemporary era.

All marketing components require technology; therefore, it is vital for the stakeholders in marketing to understand generation as it develops. Generation is using modern-day gear and systems to improve on the already existing ones. That is to make them profitable and efficient at the same time. Many firms and corporations have to invest in technology to retain benefits from their advertising systems. The challenges and opportunities added by using technology could be offered inside the document.

Evaluation of past and contemporary technology

In advertising, there are distinctive kinds of technology, which consist of; maintaining technology that is most technology that improves the prevailing product to the liking of the clients. One inline with Christensen’s well-led organizations constantly offer regard to the client’s demand.

The disruptive technologies create a new proposition and boost the performance of a commodity or product about the new association. Disruptive technology is mainly used in inexpensive, smaller, and simpler items to apply. 2 however, disruptive technology no longer directly affects conventional products and, therefore, with their advent, they no longer assure a massive proportion of the market.


Development of era increases a corporation’s opportunities of doing commercial enterprise. Four, the cutting-edge generation enhances advertising which widens the organization’s scope and increases its income. Five, this allows similar growth of an organization. This has stepped forward in recent years because businesses should use rudimental advertising and marketing strategies because there is minimal technology.

The techniques used in the beyond were restricted and could no longer create any impact on the existing clients or the capacity of one Seven eras are likewise vital in improving the latest merchandise because it shortens the time of manufacturing, which is critical in the line of advertising and marketing.


Many existing companies like a waterproofing company in Pune use conventional generation and techniques of advertising and marketing due to the fact their clients aren’t fascinated approximately corporations’ new merchandise. Nine of these businesses’ investment is minimal concerning a new era. This is because the brand new generation does not contribute to the boom in income. This reduces the chances of the business enterprise to increase and; consequently, new technology is complex for the general businesses to spend money on and embody.

The disruptive technology creates a threat to the existing corporations. The cause of this is that they can run into losses. The most significant technology undertaking is that agencies, which no longer exist, can’t be analyzed while coming up with a marketing plan. This means that the impact of recent technology can’t be diagnosed. Technological development constantly outruns the velocity with the aid of which the customers broaden their call. Because of this, the supply of technology is not the same as it is called for. 

The absorption of the modern generation has been limited by way of its high-priced nature. The corporations have restrained sources that restrict their funding for a generation. Era is costly in that the company will introduce new machinery, which means that the workers ought to be taught to operate the machines.

This indicates more expenses to the organization. Every other predominant venture is the politicians’ opposition to the era with an issue it will result in laying off of people; consequently, they propose to be hard work-intensive.

Society opposes using contemporary technology. This is due to the fact they may be now not geared up to exchange for the usage of traditional generation and include new products, which come as a result of latest technology.17 the organization must flip such demanding situations into opportunities by giving again to the community thru progressed merchandise and paying high taxes to the authorities.


In conclusion, the era is essential in nowadays’s international and, consequently, groups need to invest close to enhance technology. Elevated investment in technology will cause accelerated improvement due to improved productivity. Generation is immensely influential in marketing, and, consequently, companies have to put money into the era to increase their market share. The businesses and the authorities ought to work hand in hand to take away the challenges of technology.19

The future funding in technology will lead to the boom of businesses thru improved income and innovation of the general merchandise and generation. Generation develops daily, which means its continuity to improve ends in performance. The groups need to introduce a simple generation to trap society into information about the importance of technology.

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