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CUET Mock Test: All About CUET Mock Tests


Common Universities Entrance Test CUET 2022 is a common entrance test for admissions to 40+ Central Universities.Earlier known as CUCET, CUET is held throughout India as a significant exam for admissions to undergraduate programmes at the CUET participating universities. Candidates preparing for the exam must take CUET Mock Tests to put their talents to the test before the final examination. When they approach their preparations in this way, they will be able to analyse their performance better.

The CUET exam tests the students’ skills at an undergraduate level. It covers a wide range of topics. The test is given every year, so a person who wants to take CUCET can look at sample papers and mock tests from previous years to get an idea of the real test.

CUET (CUCET) Exam Pattern 2022 for UG

CUCET will be divided into three sections, including Languages, Domain, and General Test. The first Section, Languages, is further divided into two sub-sections where candidates can choose from 13 languages for the first sub-section and 20 languages for the second. The domain subject part allows students to pick from 27 different domain subjects. The last part of the general test contains everything from General Awareness to Current Affairs, mental ability, numeric ability, etc. As this examination consists of negative marking, candidates must be careful while attempting the CUCET (CUET) exam. Questions that the candidates do not attempt would not be reviewed and accessed by the CUCET authorities. Unanswered questions would not have any impact on the final merit score. Admissions to the Central universities all over India are based on the CUCET score. Therefore, a candidate has to put in a lot of effort to crack the examination with a merit score. CUCET coaching, sample papers, mock tests, and previous years’ examinations can help candidates score a spot on the merit list.

Examination Structure – Slot 1 (Morning Session)

SubjectsNo. of questions to be attemptedMarks per questionTotal marksDuration
Language (any one of the 13 languages opted in Section IA)40 out of 50520045 minutes per language
Domain Specific Subjects (Max 2 Subjects) 40 out of 50 520045 minutes per subject (Max duration can be upto 90 minutes for 2 subjects)
Genral Test60 out of 75530060 minutes
One mark will be deducted for a wrong answer. Unanswered/Marked for Review will be given no mark (0).

Examination Structure – Slot 2 (Afternoon Session)

SubjectsNo. of questions to be attemptedMarks per questionTotal marksDuration
Language (any one of the 13 languages opted in Section IA)40 out of 50520045 minutes per language
Domain-Specific Subjects (Max. 4 subjects)40 out of 50 520045 minutes per subject (Max duration can go upto 3 hours minutes for 4 subjects)
One mark will be deducted for a wrong answer. Unanswered/Marked for Review will be given no mark (0).

The CUET test for undergraduate students may be a bit lengthier, but it can also be very simple if they are adequately prepared before the examination. To succeed in CUET 2022, the student must be fully familiar with the test format. If they understand the importance of key portions and themes, they will be able to go fast up the ladder of success. Providing the student has shown a full understanding of the test structure. It has properly practised the CUET Mock Tests. The student will be able to estimate the difficulty level of the final CUET examination. 

Why take the CUET Mock Test?

You may be asking why the CUET 2022 Mock Tests are necessary in the first place. This Section will include all of the explanations. The CUET Mock Tests are easy to complete, and the student will benefit from the guidance of an experienced teacher to pass the final exam. There are two versions of the CUET Mock Tests available: one that can be done offline and one that can be taken online. Both versions are available for free. Taking these practice tests will help you better understand the question paper and allow you to analyse the examination in greater depth and the skills of the candidates who are taking the CUET examination. A candidate’s chances of achieving the desired rank in CUET 2022 are improved by completing the largest number of Mock Tests possible.

  • The Mock Tests are specifically designed in accordance with the most recent exam structure and curriculum.
  • Both offline and online versions of these are easily accessible.
  • These Mock Tests provide a good representation of how the original test will be conducted.
  • There are more learning possibilities and a real-time experience of how the genuine CUET 2022 might occur as a result of them.
  • Mock tests assist candidates in identifying their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Mock exams aid in determining the curriculum and the subjects covered within it, allowing for more effective review.
  • A candidate who trains with mock examinations may accurately assess their speed and accuracy, which will be advantageous when they take the final examination.
  • Mock exams assist a candidate in learning the study material by allowing them to practice regularly to better prepare for CUET 2022.
  • Regular mock examinations enable a candidate to keep track of their development.

Now, it’s time to provide some tips and strategies on how to ace your CUET examination:

  • It is advised that candidates analyse the curriculum and previous year’s question papers before submitting their application.
  • A student needs to be familiar with the procedures used throughout the CUET Mock tests to be successful during the final examination.
  • Successful candidates must maintain a state of non-panic during the interview process.
  • Taking Mock Tests and setting realistic expectations for oneself or herself before commencing the preparation process is essential for them to have fair expectations for the final CUET.

CUCET 2022 Mock Tests would help you prepare right for the final examinations. For further information, visit the official website

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