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Common Childhood Diseases That You All Need To Know


Every child that comes into this world deserves all the care. It is very important to provide them with the best quality treatment and the medication that is best of the best. For that, you need to know about the most common diseases that might occur to your little one. Keep a look at the medical conditions that your child might be suffering from. Apart from the allergies, there are certain other diseases that the baby can suffer from.  

According to the best child specialist in Karachi, common diseases are somewhat taken for granted as it is thought that these can be cured at home. But please do your proper research and know about the simplest of the conditions that your child can go through. If you are a new parent or a parent that is very new to all this, don’t worry. I am here to explain to you all the diseases that your baby can suffer from. You need to stay vigilant about the diseases that the child can catch and need to keep a closer look for the treatment options. 

Let’s have a closer and more precise look at the diseases that the baby can catch easily. 

Ear Pains

Ear pains are very common in children and these can happen because of several issues. The reasons can vary from teething to, swimmer’s ear or can be a sinus infection. You need to keep a closer look at the symptoms in order to find out the real reason behind this ear pain. You need to visit your paediatrician as soon as possible if you want to find out the real reason behind it. 

You can use antibiotics at home as well, amoxicillin is the most preferred one out of all. You also need to keep on observing the kid to know the real reason. There might be a possibility that the kid is suffering from a serious illness that you are neglecting. 

Sore Throat

The most common disease out of all that can affect your child is a sore throat. There is no need to feed the kid with antibiotics if it is caused by a virus. In this case, you need to focus on just facilitating the kid with the best remedies as the viral infection takes 7 to 10 days to completely go away. If you see that the baby is not getting any better then you need to get him checked to know the real reason behind the sore throat. 

A rapid in-office check-up from the paediatrician can save you from wasting the time in figuring out the reason behind your child’s illness and the infection that is affecting his health badly. 


A very common disease that can affect the baby is called bronchitis especially during the cold and flu season. The most common symptom is the wheezing sound you hear when the baby takes a deep breath. It is most of the time viral and that is the reason why there is no antibiotic needed to use this. If you feel any signs of the baby not eating properly or him not being active like the usual days, know that there is something bothering the kid. 

In the case of infants and very small kids, it is not recommended to use the medication that is used for the cure and treatment of the ones that are adults and are suffering from the same diseases. 


Cough is also one of the most common diseases. It is also said that the use of antibiotics to cure cough is a very bad idea. It is prohibited to use cough syrups to treat children who are under the age of 4 years. These medications are also filled with sedatives that can affect the kid pretty badly. The sleep cycles get destroyed and the other potential side effects can be very deadly. 

So, avoid giving the baby such medications as this can impact their health pretty badly. 


It is very important being a parent to look out for all the diseases that might affect your child. So do your proper research before assuming what’s wrong with your kid. 

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