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College Student’s Op-ed in US Newspaper Has Twitter up in Arms over ‘Cancel Culture’



An op-ed appearing in an American publication has become the subject of heated Twitter debates, rekindling the interest in what “cancel culture” and censorship truly entail. In the opinion piece, the student writes on how she went to college “eager to debate” but found self-censorship because of her peers’ attitude towards her opinions. While many called it a take born of privilege, others on Twitter opined that people disagreeing with opinions did not mean censorship. Some stood in support, claiming that “shutting down” of opinions does amount to censorship. A section on Twitter was debating the culture in elite universities and how it shapes opinions. For the most part, however, the student’s piece became the subject of extensive mockery and a lot of criticism.

Here’s the full range of opinions as Twitter continues to be up in arms over the piece.

One user tweeted: “marginalized students don’t say things like I went to college expecting vigorous debate but found cancel culture they say I went to college but found even more barriers to education that continue intergenerational racial and class inequalities than I had to overcome to get here”.

The sharp divide in opinions over the piece brings to mind the “bad art friend” fiasco that unravelled on Twitter not too long ago. There, as well as here, a seemingly niche subject had brought up discussion over broader ideological stances.

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