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How to check whether the Perfume is Authentic or not in 2022



Picking up authentic perfume for you could be quite a task as there are a lot of copied versions sold in the market. Before buying any perfume for yourself or you want a gift to someone, you would want to check whether the perfume is authentic or not. When you are purchasing an expensive perfume, you’ll surely want to know that you’re buying the real deal. Imitation or duplicate perfumes are easily manufactured by a lot of firms in the market, but they don’t come with the similar quality or scent as the real perfume. Nobody would want to waste money on such perfumes and thus it is very important to understand the signs of fake perfume and can help the customers in making an informed choice.

What are Authentic perfumes? 

Authentic perfumes are the real brand perfumes that are manufactured with complete care and these perfumes guarantees that there’s consistency in terms of quality regardless of number of bottles it is producing. Authentic perfumes are known to be made with chosen best quality ingredients that are the outcome of years of research.

 Aspects to take into account to know if a perfume is original or not

There are several aspects that are taken into consideration when we have to distinguish between the original and the duplicate perfume and see whether we are buying the original perfume. Below listed are the aspects that we take into account to know if a perfume is original or not 



It takes a lot of time and efforts when an original perfume is being manufactured and an authentic perfume is not manufactured in a day. If we talk about the time duration, it almost takes minimum of a year’s time to make it ready. All its composition and ingredients are chosen with utmost care and are taken care of down to the last detail. Let us take an example – in the original perfumes, the alcohol used is of superior quality, while the counterfeit or copied perfumes are very toxic and allergenic. These perfumes do not take care of quality of ingredients they choose. The manufactures of these perfumes not only do they cheat us, but by selling compromised quality perfume, they create several severe health problems.

If you want to distinguish between original and duplicate perfume, take a example if you are buying unisex fragrances, you can easily do it by putting focus on how long it is lasting. You should keep one thing in mind that if it doesn’t last long, it’s a fake perfume. It is also important to know that the big and authentic perfume brands use pale and dull colours as the result of the liquid. The liquid in the perfume bottle is visible in most of the perfume bottles and it is quite easy to identify the colour of the liquid. There is also a trick that you can do to check the authenticity of the perfume: shake the bottle of the perfume and if it creates small bubbles that quickly disappear then that perfume is the original one.


As a rule, generally the most authentic and original perfume bottles are made of high quality and smooth glass that is usually transparent. The reason why transparent bottles are used in authentic perfume is that the colour of the perfume can be seen. The perfume bottles are usually made of a single piece of glass, so if you are buying a perfume bottle that is the result of two moulds together then you should be cautious because you might be looking at a false or duplicate perfume.

Also, if the dispenser tube is in the curved shape, you should know that it is a false one. Which mostly happens when the dispenser tube is longer than the bottle itself.


The packaging of the perfume speaks a lot about the perfume. We all know that the perfume sector is a highly competitive market, and at present we are faced with huge number of commercial references when we buy a perfume, that is the primary reason marketing and its packaging play a crucial role. It is a wake-up call that when you look at the bottle first, it will make you fall in love with the amazing design and look of the bottle and that you at least feel like trying it. That is the simple reason it plays a great deal when it comes to designs, colours, prints, typography, materials and creativity of the bottle of the perfume.

When we talk about the original perfumes, it is very easy to identify the originality of the perfume with the help of the quality of the packing and the bottle of the perfume. The boxes and the bottles of original perfumes are made with top quality materials, and these packaging must be well strengthened and protected inside so that the bottle is safe inside and does not break or suffer any kind of damage. While buying the new perfume, if you notice that the packing is not up to the mark, it is fragile or is done with poor quality of material, then you should be cautious that you are buying a false perfume and should be avoiding this kind of purchase.


The labelling of the perfume tells a lot about the perfume. Seeing at the label of the perfume, ne can identify that whether the perfume is original or not. As per the lay, each perfume should have the list of broken-down components that are being used in the manufacturing of the same or in simple words, all the ingredients should be mentioned on the label of the bottle. It should also have a bar code, and a lot number and traceability number must appear on the label of the bottle.

 5. CELLOPHANE: The Packaging

The cellophane on the packaging is one of the ways to check whether the perfume is original or not. Though it may seem a bit trivial, but this is also a simple way that can be used to find out that the perfume you are buying is original or fake. The case or the packaging of the perfume should be wrapped in plastic that is absolutely clung to the packaging. The packaging should not be damaged from anywhere, it should be perfect, and the cellophane should definitely be present there. If any of this information is missing or not at the place, the perfume you are picking is not original. 


There are several ways with the help of which you can differentiate between the fake and the original perfume. If you are looking for the best perfume for men, check the packaging, quality of the bottle, the quality of the glass of the bottle, the list of ingredients, the liquid that is visible from the glass bottle or the cellophane, all these aspects are the simplest way to check the authenticity of the perfume.

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