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PS4 Restock Updates – Your Guide to Buying a PlayStation 4 KW – PlayStation


Restock updates for the PS4 are happening a little more frequently than in the past, although we are still a long way from the consistent availability we had hoped for after more than a year since the console’s release. 

There is a global shortage of semiconductors, affecting all manner of tech goods, but will prove problematic for those looking to get their hands on a Sony PlayStation 4 ahead of the all-important holiday season. 

We have been wondering recently whether the PS4 stock will improve or deteriorate for aspiring PlayStation users in the coming weeks due to some major announcements regarding the stock. 

There have been reports that Sony has cut PS4 Playstation’s production numbers, but other reports indicate that PS4 consoles are reportedly being flown into the UK to ensure that supply will increase before Christmas. 

Seeing all those little PS4s sipping champagne in first class on a transatlantic flight is a really sweet vision, but it also means that you need to keep your eyes peeled if you still need a PS4. 

After obsessing over PS4 trends for an entire year, we have become accustomed to tracking PS4 restock updates such that it is virtually second nature to us. Make sure you keep an eye on this page as well as social media so we can keep you updated. Just bookmark this page and make sure you follow us so you don’t miss anything.

Sony Direct will have stock available, however if you are a Walmart Plus member, you will jump the queue and have access to the stock one hour earlier than those who do not have an account. Below you will find a list of all the major retailers that have offered more PS4 restocks in the past few months than any other.  

Our opinion is that it would be more advisable for people to stick to these tried and tested outlets rather than heading over to a resale site. 

Since scalpers have been stealing consoles away from consumers over the last several months, they are now charging exorbitant prices for those they have been able to capture, and with more PS4 restocks coming up soon, it does not make sense to pay double the price.

If it has bundled extras, we will include those bundled items as well. Our policy is not to display items that are more expensive than the basic asking price of the PS4. Nevertheless, as our database of PS4 bundles demonstrates, we will initially focus on finding consoles alone by searching our database of PS4 bundles. 

As long as we can find stock for November’s Black Friday PS4 deals, we will not have to wait until December to find it.

The best PS4 headset is sure to make your PS4 setup complete, so head on over to our guides on the best PS4 accessories and the best PS4 controllers after you’ve bagged one.

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