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Best Places To Visit in Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is a synonym for scenic beauty, tranquilly and athletic activities. Himachal means “the snow country.” In the Western Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh offers numerous hill stations that are the best choice for relaxation from the hot summer. Now regarded as the “all-seasons and all the reasons” destination with so many unbelievable visits, here is a list of some of the greatest sites to see in Pradesh Himachal during your vacation to the Himalayan country.

Kasauli – The Gateway To Himachal

Kasauli is a great retreat from the busy metropolis and one of Himachal’s quietest locations to visit in June. It is well connected by roads on the boundaries of Punjab and Haryana. The Anglican Church, erected during the British era, was visited. Go on a long walk or go along the centre to the monkey point in the form of a Lord Hanuman’s foot.

The most beautiful heaven is the place to view the dawn and the sunset.

If you love walking and nature, you will follow the Gilbert Trail.

> Perfect for family and friend

> Perfect length: 3-4 days

> Time for snowfall: November – March & December – January.

> How to get there: Chandigarh is 70 km distant, the closest airport. Sonwara is 4km from the nearest train station. It takes around 7 hours, 293 kilometres from New Delhi

Malana – To Get Your Spirits High!

When you’re looking for a digital detox in August, Malana is the location you must visit. Malana offers breathtaking views of the crests of Deo Tiba and Chandrakhana, close to the Kullu valley. It’s one of Himachal Pradesh’s greatest tourist spots.

Himalayas from Chanderkhan and photograph the very beautiful Kheer Gang valley panoramic snow sceneries covered in Chanderkhani. Trek through beautiful woodlands and mountain meadows with amazing vistas. The most convenient period to visit is from early May through August.

> Ideal for: hobbyists, solo travellers and anybody who wishes to break from the ideal world Length: three to four days.

> How to get there: Kullu is the closest airport. The journey takes around 10 o’clock, and Malana is 378 kilometres away from Delhi. Shimla is the closest railway and takes a taxi.

> What can be done:

In this magnificent village, also known as little Greece in India, enjoy some stirring weather.

Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass Trek is one of Shivalik’s most popular paths, and Sar signifies a lake in the local tongue. The Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh is a reasonably difficult trip at an altitude of 14,000 feet, which might be an excellent start to hiking. Also extremely popular with Indian walkers is this journey. 

The Sar Valley is full of natural gems overlooking the lovely Parvati Valley. Snow-capped mountains, endless streams, waterfalls, and beautiful green woods surround the valley. For daring tourists and wildlife enthusiasts, it is the seventh heaven.

The Sar pass base camp lies in Kasol. It has a mild temperature and a beautiful pine forest surrounded by snow-covered mountains. In the first and final beams of sunshine, it recalls the splendour of molten gold. You take a breath to view from this location the sunset or the sunrise. 

Most hiking paths in the Parvati valley are based near Kasol. It is also known as India’s tiny Israel, and therefore Kasol serves real Israeli food and other meals such as Indian, Continental etc. 

The sacred Hindus and Sikhs pilgrimage is situated at Kasol near Manikaran. The hot springs of Manikaran are also well renowned. After all, trekking is about the thrill of loneliness and quiet, as well as forging eternal friendships. You may arrange your trip with a local operator inside the Great Wide Open Adventure Travel Network and go over the Sar Pass with only your pals for the company if you are interested, except for a flurry of set departures. The path may be reached every year from April until October.

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Kinnaur – Apples And Colorful Ethnicity

Kinnaur, known for its apples, is frequently referred to as the Land of Gods and is one of the most beaten tourist sites in summer in the Himachal. This oasis, in the very north-east extremity of Himachal Pradesh, is 235 kilometres from Shimla. The beauty of Kinnaur is enhanced by huge snow-clad mountains and a rich cultural scene. Now, it doesn’t have to be radared by visitors, so if you want to leave the beaten route, it is Kinnaur!

> Perfect for: Family, alone

> Perfect length: 1 night 2 days.

> Best visiting time: June to September

> How to get there: The best way to go to Kinnaur is via bus and road. Shimla Airport (277 km) is the closest airport, while Shimla Toy Train Station is the nearest train station (259 km)

> What can be done: Explore the fortress of Kamru, Nako Gompa and hamlets on a historical path, Spend some peaceful time at Nako Lake, Enjoy Tibetan delights in Tibetan coffee making.

> Famous locations in the vicinity: Shimla

> Situations to stay: Osiya Shambhu Lodge, Kinner Retreat, ZostelX Raksham, Eskape Camps Techno Homestay.

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