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Best Kurtas for men – Ideas for all occasions


The nature of celebrations and having a good time has changed. Your on-point style will always be flaunted on social media, whether you’re celebrating with your family or having a little event! Many shopping sites today carry a variety of fashionable kurta designs for men. Looking for the best gents’ kurtas? Then, this is for you.

Today’s brands have experimented with a variety of unique surfaces, shapes, and drapes, ranging from formal wear to more casual gents’ kurta designs. A kurta’s comfort, simplicity, and panache are what makes it an ideal attire for men to wear at functions and events!

Kurta designs for men are available in a variety of beautiful embroidery and textile combinations. Fabrics and weaves from Indian heritage are a great way to show off your desi vibes! It is, nevertheless, critical to select a kurta that is appropriate for your unique taste and style. We’ve got some super-cool outfit alternatives for you, whether you want to wear your kurta with jeans or a pair of traditional churidars.

1. Sherwani Kurta

Want to look sleek and sophisticated this holiday season? Look dapper in a sleek Sherwani kurta. This style, which is usually composed of thicker fabric than any other form of kurta design for men, is OTT and will turn heads wherever you go.

A Sherwani kurta, which comes in a variety of materials and usually has a sharp high-point shoulder, is exactly what you need to make an uber-chic and striking style statement.

For a trendy look, pick gents’ kurta in chic and basic neutral tones. Choose one in rosy beige with a stitch-lines texture all over or in important sections. Just like ladies Kurtis, you will find best shades in men’s kurtas as well.

2. Chikankari Kurta

A chikankari kurta is not just a bestseller in womenswear! It’s an undervalued yet incredibly gorgeous kurta style for mens too! This is the style for you if you want to look classy and sombre while yet having fun with pastel or light eggshell tones. A chikankari kurta is the greatest kurta design for guys to try in 2021-22 if you’re looking for a cozier yet sophisticated ceremonial style. This style is heritage, elegant, and suave, including Lucknow’s renowned chikankari embroidery technique. Go for blush pink or icy pale blue shades for chikankari kurta that is trending this year.

3. Neon Kurta

Not just Ladies Kurtis, neon is also popular for men’s kurtas too. Do you want to make a statement with your appearance at the next event you attend? This gents’ kurta design is unconventionally elegant, allowing you to go colorful with your wardrobe. Bright neon hues are not for people who want to play it safe with their style, but they do provide a bold and trendy option for those who want to show off their fashion sense in more unconventional sartorial choices. Try bright green or pink neon shade in a matka or Khadi fabric kurta to stay on-trend.

4. Asymmetric Men’s kurta

Here’s a sleek and tailored style that you can wear anywhere – from a formal event to a wedding – and make a style statement. If you want to emit powerful, stylish vibes, go for a well-structured kurta with an asymmetrical hem. Choose one with slightly thicker fabric to maintain the asymmetrical patterns in place.

5. White Kurta

White kurtas are all the rage this season, a new kurta design for guys that are taking over the wedding and ceremonial fashion landscapes! A head-to-toe all-white style is cool, fashionable, and sophisticated, and it makes an impeccable statement. A perfect color for summer, this sleek, straight cotton/linen white kurta design is a must-have in your wardrobe.

6. Short Kurta

For men who love summer essentials, here’s another breezy kurta style! A short cotton kurta is undoubtedly one of the best flawless spring-summer styles this season. Most gents’ kurtas have obviously desi charm, but this is one style where indo-western ideas can be combined to create a modern and unique look.

After all, a short kurta has a lot of the same attractiveness as a typical men’s shirt, except where the kurta shirt has a softer Nehru collar and is usually made of khadi, matka, linen, and other similar materials.

7. Mirror Kurta

Are you looking for gents’ kurta pajama styles that shine and glitter late into the night? Here’s an outfit that’s perfect for a desi party! Choose a kurta with glistening mirror embroidery to draw attention in all the right places.

Because this style is already pretty over-the-top, we recommend using a neutral-colored foundation and giving the mirror embroidery a textured, tonal effect with little to no contrast.

So, there you go – the best kurtas for men. We hope you loved our collection. Let us know in the comment section below which is your favorite style.

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