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Best HTML5 Game Development Frameworks

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Game development with HTML5 is no longer a young kid on the block. In the current days, HTML5 shines in the mobile game development for various reasons. In fact, it has become one of the most popular game development technologies among game development studios. 

Its compatibility with various browsers, 3D and 2D graphics support, audio APIs, multiplayer experiences, and the ability to provide offline asset storage, are just the few reasons that make it the top choice for game developers. With HTML5, game developers can create amazingly stunning cross-platform games. Its game development frameworks and libraries make mobile game development a smooth experience.

There are many outsource game development companies that are not using Javascript anymore, but have jumped to HTML5, all thanks to its enhanced graphic capabilities that come with WebGL. This allows the professional mobile game developers to produce something that delivers engagement and entertainment. So, here are the top 5 best HTML5 game development frameworks you must try to score an ace at game development.


Phase is a 2D Open Source HTML5 game development framework that was created by Photon Storm in 2013 to build interactive and entertaining video games. One of the most impressive things about Phaser is that it allows game developers to create games that worked well on both desktop and mobile browsers. Powered by dual technologies called Canvas and WebGL, this HTM5 framework supported multiple browsers allowing it to create in-browser graphics.


  • Ability to build all sorts of games with access to a great library
  • Comes with built-in asset loader to support spritesheets, and load images, audio files, data files, etc.
  • Phaser supports the Web Audio API as well as others that uses Web audio and HTML5 audio
  • Phaser supports touch inputs such as single and multiple touch
  • Phase supports physics engines called Matter.js, Arcade Physics, and Impact Physics


Babylon.JS is another Open-Source gaming framework that leans in the realm of 3D game development using WebGL, WebVR, Web Audio and other APIs. That being said, Babylon.JS is the ideal choice for the making of 3D games. This HTML5 framework was developed by two Microsoft employees in 2013 and then introduced to everyone n 2015 at a WebGL conference. The best part about Babylon.JS is that it uses javascript library to display 3D graphics in a browser through HTML5. It comes with Playground that is a tool whose code can be used to start the whole process. 

Its newest version Babylon.js 4.2 comes with code-first approach and is loaded with new tools and features for improved workflows.


  • Babylon Native allows to build native applications
  • New features are added to improve the Node Material editor which saves the developer’s time.
  • Babylon.Js has a particle editor that allows developers to create and configure particle systems
  • ShaderMaterial allows developers write their own shader to display their creativity
  • Babylon.js comes with advanced reflection and refraction


Kiwi.js is another commonly used HTML5 framework that was designed to make HTML5 game development easier to maintain. It has been rated as one of the easiest to use HTML5 game development frameworks, having the ability to create mobile games and desktop games. This is a rendering and complementary game development framework powered by HTML5 that works great to create interesting and entertaining games. It comes with advanced technologies like CocoonJS to create fast native games for iOS, Android and Chrome apps.


  • Equipped with 2D Canvas for older browsers and WebGL for the latest browsers
  • Comes with touch device, allowing professionals to create single touch and multi-touch mobile games
  • Customizable template comprises of Kiwi.Game object, having ability to perform different functions


When you want to create eye-catching mobile games with the interactive and engaging graphics along with the cross-platform support, PixiJS would be a perfect choice! This is the ideal choice for game developers to create cool animations and games. The beauty of PixiJs lies in its ability to function smoothly and support many different platforms. Even if you’re a beginner in the game development, this will make things easier as you don’t need to previously know anything about WebGL API to use it.


  • PixiJs supports multi-platform environment to create custom multi-platform experiences
  • Comes with complicated graphics technology (WebGL) in a simple library
  • This is a good replacement for Adobe Flash, ideal for those who are accustomed to flash coding concepts
  • Interactive, visually compelling content on mobile as well as desktops, all reached with a single codebase
  • Comes with the amazing full multi-touch input recognition
  • PixiJs supports with sprite sheet support, asset loader and text support


If you are up for an HTML5 game development framework that is easy-to-use and designed for everyone with amazing navigation, GDevelop is the choice that fits your needs. This is developed using advanced programming languages such as JavaScript with a focus to ensure uniqueness of the application. This makes it an ideal platform for the game developers who do not have much experience with then programming languages.

The best thing about is that it can be used on platforms such as Facebook Messenger, and it’s the first engines that supports it. And it is still growing as the makers are developing it to perform on other platforms too.


  • GDevelop is powered by dozens of visual effects – Blur, Noise, CRT effect, Color Map, Chromatic Aberration, Glow, Shadows, etc.
  • Offers the ability to add your own effects by creating new extensions for this HTML5 game framework
  • Supports PlayStation, Xbox and generic gamepads along with touchscreens & multi-touch
  • Add interface and create parallax effects to your games with multiple layers support

Wrap Up

Mobile game development frameworks that use HTML5 are aimed to help game developers work with high-level functionality and added features. Choosing the best HTML5 game development can be quite confusing, but when you have a good understanding of the options available, you can make the pick according to the game’s and client’s requirements to create advanced games. Make sure to know what type of game you want to create and the features it should have to pick the right one.  

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