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Balenciaga Used Smashed iPhones for Paris Fashion Week Invite and Internet Had Thoughts

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Invitations for weddings or other events are no more straightforward invitation cards with the venue and time printed on them. Everything has changed over time, whether it’s a traditional paper or digital invitation. People have amazed the world with their one-of-a-kind invitations by using fresh ideas and inventive approaches. Having said that, luxury fashion brand Balenciaga’s most recent approach to inviting their guests to Paris Fashion week needs to have a special mention. The French company utilised crushed Apple iPhones to invite guests to its Autumn/Winter 2022 presentation at Paris Fashion Week, rather than typical paper or digital invitations. The date and time of Balenciaga’s show at Paris Fashion Week were inscribed on each iPhone, according to the Daily Mail.

“Please find personalized information on the back of this phone. This is a genuine artifact from the year 2022,” the invite read.

The company also said in the invitation that the phone is nonfunctional and should only be used for exhibition reasons. The French fashion house also confirmed that the phone was not manufactured artificially, but rather resulted through years of use and neglect.

The photographs have elicited a wide range of opinions from social media users all across the world since they went viral. Some people were blown away by the unique invitation, while others were perplexed and unimpressed. Few people thought the concept was “cool” or “out of the box,” while others thought it was old-fashioned.

The Balenciaga show, which was live-streamed throughout the world, took place on Sunday, March 6.

Balenciaga is well-known for its quirky designs and innovative public relations stunts. Last year, Balenciaga had put heels on the world’s most comfortable shoes, Crocs famous clogs. The move had mostly left the internet unimpressed.

Its $3,000 bag and $1,290 shirt have previously also been heavily mocked on social media.

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