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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Logan Paul Hosted Slap Fighting Championship and Not Everyone is Amused

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Hollywood actor, professional bodybuilding champion, and American politician Arnold Schwarzenegger recently teamed up with YouTuber and boxer Logan Paul to launch a slap fighting championship. As absurd as this may sound, the competition, which is backed by the two multi-hyphenate American personalities, does have its fanbase.

It was in the recent episode of his web series Impaulsive, that the YouTuber announced that he and Schwarzenegger will both be hosting the live Slap Fighting Championship in Columbus, Ohio on March 5. The competition, which was part of the Arnold Classic, took place last week and saw participants knocking their opponents out with a heavy smack on their faces. The dramatic competition was hyped up by hosts Paul and Schwarzenegger, who gave their entertaining commentary as the event unfolded.

Some users found the slapping competition amusing as one user commented under Paul’s tweet, “I think slap fighting is my new favourite sport!”

While some users were not too impressed with the idea. One of the users commented, “I really want to know the two people who were sitting beside each other, and one says: ‘Hey, what if we made a competition where people slap the shit out of each other?’ and the second one says: ‘Not a bad idea’.”

Some users were particularly irked by Paul and Schwarzenegger’s commentary. As one user put it on Twitter, “Too much corny commentary. Stop making such a joke out of a sport that people doing it take seriously. Might be funny to us but the people doing it are risking a lot.”

One user expressed her concern regarding the safety of the players as they commented, “Direct hits like this cause brain trauma. All for money and entertainment, not a sport, despicable.”

In an interview with Schwarzenegger for his Impaulsive episode, Paul had explained that the slap fighting originated as a sport in Russia and then gained popularity in Eastern Europe before making it to the US. He then added, “Why this is hilarious is, as you know, I was supposed to go to Russia to enter the slap contest.”

What are your thoughts on the slapping competition?

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