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How do I get 70/70 in physics in the class 12 CBSE board exam?

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It is very important to concentrate on your studies in order to get the best marks in the exam. Given below are some useful tips to get 70/70 in the class 12 CBSE board examination in Physics:

  • Students who are weaker in mathematics should first complete the Modern Physics in which the Semi-conductor chapter is very important.
  • Then study Dual Nature of Radiation and Communication system which are scoring chapters.
  • Next study the chapter on Optics. Here, study the Ray optics first which is an easy chapter. In Wave optics, focus more on problems of interference, diffraction, and young’s double slit experiment.
  • Then go for Current and Electricity which is an easier chapter.
  • Practice diagrams while studying because it becomes easy to understand the topics.
  • Practice solving objective problems.
  • Study the NCERT book thoroughly. It covers all the topics in the syllabus for the board examination.
  • Make a list of all the formulas, derivations and experiments which becomes very useful later during the last moment study.
  • When you solve a derivation, try to understand the logic behind the derivation. This will help in solving the derivation easily. Also, one should practice the derivations several times so that solving in the examination becomes an effortless task.
  • If the numerical part is not someone’s favorite, then they should start quickly. Try to solve all the numerical problems in the NCERT book. However, if someone is still not confident with the numerical part, then make sure that your theory portion knowledge is strong.
  • Prepare a list of the important formulas so that it can be revised many times. This in turn will help in solving the numerical problems easily.
  • After completing the syllabus, begin solving CBSE sample papers.
  • Know the syllabus- Students should know the syllabus thoroughly because it gives information on the weightage of marks chapter-wise. So, one will get to know how much time should be devoted to each chapter.
  • Divide the syllabus- To prepare well for the class 12 physics board examination, one should dedicate at least three hours for one unit in a day.
  • Select the topics which carries maximum weightage- There are some topics which are very scoring like Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetic waves and Optics. So, these topics should be thoroughly studied. Give enough time to understand the concepts properly and make sure that you know these topics well before starting with other chapters.
  • Highlight the key points- Use particular colors to mark the main points of one chapter. Then use a different colored highlighter for the next chapter. In this way, you will be able to boost your recalling power.
  • Always carry a notebook for instant revisions- Make a separate notebook where all the laws, principles, formulas should be written down. This notebook will be very handy to make quick revision while you are travelling and have few spare minutes.
  • Use examination tools like revision notes and mind maps- Mind maps help in recalling information in a faster manner. While preparing for class 12 physics board examination, it will aid in comprehending how one concept is related to the other.
  • Supplement your answers- Always give pictorial or graphical illustrations in your answers wherever possible. This is an added advantage which makes a good impression on the examiner.
  • Consult your class notes- The notes which you make in your class are very important. Give sufficient time to these notes. if your class teacher has asked to mark certain points, then do so and study those attentively.
  • Revision is a must- Always revise the previous chapter for 20 minutes before you move on to the next chapter. Daily revision is a must because there are chances you might forget some portions of what you have studied or the entire chapter.
  • Consult reference books- It is useful to keep some reference books as additional study books while studying for class 12 physics board examination.
  • Solve sample question papers- We all know the famous saying that ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. So, try to solve the sample question papers of at least the last five years. Solving the sample papers helps in understanding the question pattern and you will be better prepared.
  • Manage your time- While solving the sample question papers, keep a track of your time. In this way, you will be aware of your time during the examination and you will not run out of time.
  • Presentation is the key- Make sure to write your answers in a neat and tidy way. Examiners does not like correcting messy answer papers because it needs extra time for them to find out what is been written.

If students follow these tips sincerely and devotedly, then they are sure going to ace in the class 12 CBSE physics board examination.

Practice question: Four point charges Q, q, Q and q are placed at the corners of a square of side’ a’ as shown in the figure. Find the. (a) resultnat electric force on a charge Q and. (b) potential energy of this system.

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