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Are micro-credentials the future of education in 2022?


Micro-credentials, as the new suggests, are micro qualifications that are skill-centric and demonstrate knowledge and expertise in a particular domain or capacity. Micro-credentials are also known as nano degrees; these degrees tend to be of a narrower range than regular traditional degree courses or diplomas. However, that does not mean that their focus is not vast or unique. It is more specific than traditional programs. For instance, you can do a micro-credential on a broad subject like marketing and analytics while also doing a program on a soft skill like public speaking or decision making. Given the diversity and high utility of such programs in the corporate world, micro-credentials have bagged great popularity and attention. Some even make speculation that it may replace traditional programs in the future. But it is certain that micro-credentials are here to stay.


Read on if you are planning to opt for a micro-credentials course and know why it has the potential to be the future of education.

1-Soft and hard skills

Often soft skills are highly essential in the success and steady growth of an organization, but there is no such training for the same in regular programs. On the other hand, micro-credentials can be awarded for soft-skills and hard-skills alike. The subject areas are unending and depending on the employee and what skillset they are looking for; they can hire the people with these awarded certifications of expertise and knowledge.

2-Offers a structured way to learning at work

Micro-credentials offer employers and employees a very structured approach and blueprint to train and learn while they are on the job. Many important skills – leadership skills, management, organization skills, employee motivation etc. – are often overlooked or not highlighted in the resumes of candidates, despite the fact that these are highly valuable skill sets. Earning a micro-credential not only highlights but allows scope for professional advancement.

3-Allows lifelong learning with a flexible approach

Micro-credential is the ideal way to design courses with the help of which people can continue learning at all levels of life, starting from student days to professional life and all at their own pace. Because the urgency factor is taken away, employees find it more motivating to learn new things and improve themselves. With the work culture of today, people also tend to change jobs within a span of 4 to 5 years, and they may change their careers several times. With the help of these courses, they can learn a range of skills to be eligible for working in different roles across industries.

4-Productive way at work to engage employees

Employee engagement is crucial for the success and productivity of a workplace. Ensuring that the staff learns what they wish to learn and develop their skills they need to do their present and future jobs is not just a way to boost their morale but a great way to keep your workplace a hub of talented people who’ll take an organization ahead of the competition.


Without any further delay, pick a micro-credential of your choice and start earning your learning badges.

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