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What Documents Do You Need To Apply For The Muthoot Gold Loan in 2022?

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Confused about knowing the right documents for a gold loan in Muthoot finance? Here we will come to know about basic documents mostly asked.


Documents are crucial for any procedures to work out. Every single procedure requires accurate information of the lenders as well as the borrowers. It’s proof of all the transactions or consent that take place. 


Gold loans are available in most banks, but why is the Muthoot gold loan more obtainable? 

Gold loans have the lowest interest rates in the market. Since it is a secured loan, unlike a personal loan or auto loan, you don’t need to pay huge interest. 


Muthoot finance provides fewer interest rates if you add another asset as collateral. The entire procedure is short, which ends in one single click, one has to visit the website to fill the requirements, and the loan is lent within minutes. Muthoot finance charges no extra charge.


 Are you worried about credit scores? Then it’s not needed because Muthoot finance doesn’t ask for any credit scores. Instead, it is the leading financial institution against gold loans, and millions trust it.


The processing fee is also less; let’s compare it with other financial institutions:

  • Muthoot Finance- 0.25-1%
  • SBI- 0.50%+ GST charges 
  • IDFC- 1%
  • Bank of India- 1%


If we compare these percentages, we see Muthoot finance is more suggestive than others. 


Below are the gold loan documents required for applying for a gold loan:

  1. Loan application: while looking for loans, one has to fill the application form with accurate information. One has to explain the reason why you have taken the loan and why you need them.
  2. Demand promissory note and take the delivery letter: A demand promissory note is a financial instrument that includes the information of the sum of money that the borrower should pay to the lender within the agreed time frame or period.
  3. Terms and conditions letter: every bank has its terms and conditions. Borrowers are often provided with the institution’s rules and conditions. These include the declarations and undertakings acknowledged by the lender and the borrower, along with other specified documents.
  4. Proof of identity: Passport, pan card, driving licence, the vote is, ration card or any other documents expressing the person’s identity. One has to bring any one of the above documents for submission.
  5. Proof of process: Bank passbook, salary slip, passport, electricity bill etc. One has to bring just a copy of any document among these.
  6. Consent for Aadhar details: For the eKYC process, the applicant has to consent to the institution for Aadhar details. 


These documents are usually required for applying for a gold loan. However, due to changes in requirements or needs, one should submit the documents accordingly.


Muthoot Finance provides loans at wide ranges and is of different kinds such as:

  • Muthoot on per cent loan
  • Muthoot premium loan
  • Muthoot online
  • Muthoot mobile app


One can also get several other loans to disburse options like:

  • Instant cash
  • Direct online credit
  • Prepaid Visa card


Interest rates are always the central issue as it is dependent on foreign markets. There are certain other conditions such as:

  • Interest rates: Gold and interest rates are inversely related. If interest rates increase, people tend to sell their gold and use it to earn high interest and vice versa.
  • Indian jewellery market: Gold acts as a crucial part of every household. During weddings, festivals, people tend to buy gold; this increases the demand, increasing the gold rates.
  • Government reserves: The government holds reserves of gold. When RBI commences buying a greater quantity of gold than the selling quantity, it reflects the gold price to rise; otherwise, it will lead to an insufficient supply of gold.


There are many other reasons for fluctuating interest rates. One should look for the best interest rates. In Muthoot Finance, the interest rate starts from 6.90%, which is less than others today.


As technology is rising, so are the ways of internet use. Internet banking is evolving year on year, and thus, every bank has its website for easy procedures. One can also apply for a loan against gold jewellery online in muthoot finance and calculate their interest rates or loan amount in exchange for gold. 


To calculate the loan amount, one can visit the official website of the financial institute and check the required amount. It helps the borrowers to make decisions instantly, know certain analyses and data or information.


There is no need to pay the interest money by visiting the bank; rather, one can pay it online via Muthoot Online or Muthoot mobile app.


Muthoot ensures the proper safety of the consumers gold coins or gold assets. All the ornaments have tamper-proof packaging and a conserved locker. For more security, it is moved to a safe room where there is strict camera surveillance. 


One can put gold for good use as hard times valuable things never lead us behind. Rather, they are helpful when in need. After thorough research, we know that Muthoot finance could be the best-considered option due to its ease, subtle procedures, etc.


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