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Andhra Pradesh’s Allagadda Police Worship Guns, Arms to Bring Down Crime Rate



They called up a priest and conducted pujas for their arms and weapons at the police station. (Photo: News18)

The personnel at the station have been anxious for some time after they could not perform the ‘Ayudha Puja’ last year.

Police at Allagadda in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh are worried about rising crime rates in the town and adjoining areas. The personnel at the station had been anxious for some time. Every police station in the area used to conduct Ayudha Pujas for peace and hassle-free discharge of their duties as well as to bring down the crime rate. Last year, the police at this station did not conduct the puja of arms and guns, unlike other stations in the area. Since then, they had been worried. An on-duty police constable suffered a snake bite at the bathroom of the police station at Allagadda recently, adding to their fears.

The police were afraid of visiting their station at Allagadda. They tried to address the issues and complaints that come to their respective police stations. However, almost all of the police staff feared visiting their station.

Since they are supposed to discharge their duties as per procedures, they took care of the station and addressed the issues of the people who come to seek justice. They believed that it would be better to conduct pujas for their weapons and guns for peace and law and order. They felt that they committed an error in not doing so and hence were caught in fear.

Subsequently, they called up a priest and conducted pujas for their arms and weapons at the police station for peace to prevail and to bring down the crime rate. They say that they are now feeling good and fearless after conducting the Ayudha Puja. The police are focusing on addressing the issues of the rising crime rate and trying to bring down the cases.

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