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All You Need to Know About The AZ-900 Fundamentals


The AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam is well-known in the tech industry. With cloud computing expanding into all areas of business, it creates new opportunities career-wise. These opportunities are vast, ranging from architects to security personnel.

You need to know how those services are provided with Microsoft Azure. If you intend to begin working with cloud-based solutions and services, this Microsoft Azure Certification Exam is for you.

This article provides all the information you need to know about this exam. It will also give you some tips on how to clear it.

What It Entails

The AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals Exam covers all the fundamentals regarding cloud services. It tests your understanding of cloud concepts, Azure services, Azure prizing, SLA, the basics of cloud privacy, security, trust, etc. However, do not let the word ‘fundamentals’ fool you. The exam is not exactly an easy one since you have a lot of topics to cover.

You also need to understand the concepts like networking, storage, computing, application support, and development.

These Fundamentals can provide a base for other azure certifications. However, the exam is not a prerequisite for them.

This exam was last updated on October 25, 2021. You might want to update yourself regarding the changes.

Planning Out a Study Schedule

As mentioned before, this Microsoft azure certification exam may seem easy, but it is not. You need to spend considerable time planning out your schedule and preparing for it. Here is the pattern for this exam.

  • Describe cloud concepts (15-20%)
  • Describe core Azure services (30-35%)
  • Describe Privacy, Security, Compliance, and Trust (25-30%)
  • Describe Azure pricing agreements and lifecycles (20-25%)

The total marks for this exam are 1000. You need 700 marks to get a passing score.

One way to go about preparing for the exam is a training calendar. This exam involves a lot of studying, so having a rigorous study schedule may be of help. However, it is up to you to decide how much you can cram up in a day. Even if you are being a bit liberal in your schedule, sticking to it is essential.

It is when you might start thinking about azure certification training courses. Various courses can give you adequate training and study material relating to Azure at the foundational level.

Why Take the Exam?

First off, getting a certification can open up career opportunities for you. These exams have become a factor that employers consider while recruiting new employees. It has been stated that a Microsoft Certification improves the likelihood of technology professionals getting hired. It gives a boost to your career.

If that isn’t enough, it has also been observed that Microsoft-certified technologists earn 15% more than uncertified ones. Of course, a certification may not prove that you are better than someone else. However, it is always preferable to have a Microsoft Cloud Certification validated on paper.

Besides, taking this exam also means that you get to learn a lot. An Azure certification gives you a set of topics you should learn, and you can use it as a guide to cover all the relevant topics. This naturally means that you get better at your job because of all the knowledge you obtained.

How You Should Prepare

You can sign up for training courses. The amount you spend for Azure certification cost will be returned to you tenfold with all the advantages you get with it.

Also, YouTube has some playlists that might help you get started, although it is not comparable to a training course.

The topics you need to cover for this exam include:

  • Everything about Cloud Concepts and Services
  • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • Core Azure Services
  • Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Models
  • Azure Pricing, Service Level Agreements, and Lifecycles,

and a lot more.

Training courses should provide all the relevant study material you may require. There are free Microsoft Learn AZ-900 exam study guides as well. You can also make a free Azure account to try out their services and get familiar with the platform.

Now that you know all the basics about this exam, it is time to start working for the Microsoft Azure Certification. You need to commit to it and give it your best shot.

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