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Air freight shipping? No problem with Shipit4us! 

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Any type of commodities can be transferred or transported using the online shipping marketplace Shipit4us. Several of our service providers can help you  meet your unique demands by shipping exercise equipment in a secure and economical manner.  Shipit4us will manage everything on your behalf, from collection to delivery. 

What is Airfreight Shipping? Shipit4us will help you understand! 

Air freight package delivery is the transfer and shipment of goods by a commercial or charter airline. Anywhere that airplanes can fly and land is where these products are transferred from gateways for commercial and passenger aviation.

The Benefits of Shipping Air Freight 

Air freight is a useful choice for organizing time-sensitive shipments to practically anyplace in the world due to its quick delivery possibilities. Smaller and mid-sized businesses might benefit the most from this as it makes it possible for them to quickly and efficiently engage in international trade. Another advantage of air freight is its high level of security due to the tight enforcement of airport cargo regulations.

Time – Air freight transport is faster than shipping, rail, and road transportation, hence it saves time. It is reallya great help especially if you are shipping large items. 

Low Insurance – The short cargo time makes air freight insurance premiums generally lower.

Dependable – Since most aircraft have consistent arrival and departure times and rarely experience delays, air freight shipments are quite likely to arrive on time.

Secured – The risk of cargo being stolen or destroyed is low because security closely monitors the shipment of freight by air.

The drawbacks of air freight transportation 

The five main drawbacks of air shipping are as follows: 

Expensive – It is significantly more expensive than other forms of transportation. 

Climate – Delays may happen as a result of the weather’s impact. 

Laws – Additional legal requirements could apply, depending on the final destination nation. 

Minimal body weight – The charge has a huge range, but it is not unbreakable. 

Deliveries – It prohibits the export of a variety of commodities. Lithium batteries and other non-hazardous items, as well as liquids like lubricants and gasoline, cannot be transported by air.

Growth of Air Freight Shipping 

Beginning in the early 20th century, air freight was widely used as one of the primary delivery alternatives in importing and exporting when combined with other modes of shipping like marine, rail, and ground. Air freight shipping  has had exponential growth as an industry over the last 40 years due to the expansion of trade networks and markets, and it is now recognized as an effective method of shipping both domestically and globally.

Cargo Types in the Air 

General and special cargo are the two categories of aviation cargo. 

General Cargo – High-value items including electronics, jewelry, and drugs are included. Although air freight is more expensive than sea freight due to higher margins and the fragility of certain technological goods, air freight is the most suitable mode of transportation.

Special Cargo – Particular circumstances, such as temperature control, specific air conditions, or protective packaging, are needed. 

How are products transported by air? 

Consolidated air freight can be stored in consoles. Due to economies of scale, consolidating freight with other carriers is frequently more affordable, albeit it might frequently take time to pair or group shipments. 

A Master Airway Bill (MAWB), which is essentially a note given by an airline or authorized agent showing documentation of the contract of carriage, is necessary when delivering goods. A Bill of Lading and an airway bill function similarly.

What is the price of air freight then? 

Price breakdown 

Three variables are used to calculate the cost of air freight: 

Shipping Method (size and weight of goods, as well any specific requirements in the case of special cargo) 

Airport of arrival (international or local/goods-only)  The required delivery timeframe 

Air freight would also include additional expenses like insurance, surcharges, and customs duty or taxes.

What kind of items travel by air frequently? 

Only highly valuable or time-sensitive goods can be sent via this technique due to the high cost of air freight, including: 

• Quick-moving objects 

• Large-scale products 

• International Priority Mail 

• Components for the aerospace sector 

• Frozen foods 

• Exhibition and event supplies 

• Phytes 

• Creative works of art 

• Prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter drugs 

• Expensive items 

• Medical supplies and equipment.

What things are prohibited from air? 

Among the negative aspects of air shipping are: 

• Products that the United Nations has deemed dangerous 

Batteries made of lithium-ion 

• Batteries and Inverters 

Items That Are Illegal 

• Weapons 

• Combustible substances 

A. Explosives 

• Organic Compounds

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