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Advantages Of Criminal Background Checks Canada In The Workplace


Your organization functions as a cohesive unit. Even an imperfection, either in the form of faulty machine or deliberate compromise of efficiency by the malicious employee, can lead to the collapse of the system. Recovery from the same can be an expensive affair, and your organizational reputation may be at stake.

From the perspective of employees, you can rest assured that all workmen on your company’s roll adhere to approved standards of personal conduct through their criminal background checks and fraud under $5000. Meticulously conducted checks can proactively safeguard your organization against potential pitfalls that can come your way through notorious employees.

This post walks you through five major advantages your firm can accrue by conducting criminal background checks in the workplace.

1) Certifies the Academic Credentials of the Candidate

The candidate appearing for an interview may present an impressive resume with false educational credentials. But with a criminal background check, you can verify the credentials. This would reveal if the candidate has been truthful about his education. You can also make a fair decision by delegating the candidate with responsibilities that are commensurate with his/ her qualifications. Majority of the prospective candidates hardly exaggerate their degrees. But if a wrong candidate gets selected for his inflated academic accomplishments, your organization stands to lose multiple times of the CTC you are going to pay to the candidate.

2) Eliminates Any Potential for Violence or Personal Abuse at Workplace

A person with a criminal background is likely to embroil himself in activities that can threaten the safety of other employees at the workplace. Violence caused by him can put at risk the life of others and can mire your firm in legal hassles. Further, the person may collude with other disgruntled employees and form a militant union which would always be in clash with the management. This would compromise the productivity at the site and would also demotivate other sincere employees. Further, experienced personnel may seek the door out to steer clear of any professional annoyance. It would also become difficult for your firm to implement standing orders uniformly. The person may also leak out sensitive or confidential company information to your adversaries, thus undermining your firm’s efficiency and profitability. Criminal Background Checks for employers help your organization in remaining immune from all such pitfalls through the hiring of right candidates.

3) Adds More Depth To Your Search for Genuine Employees

When the fact that compulsory criminal background checks for employment would be carried out for all applicants becomes widely known, shady candidates with dubious backdrops would in every likelihood refrain from applying for advertised job profiles. It would help in enriching the shortlisted candidates’ pool. The task of HR would become more meaningful as the focus would be on aligning the qualifications of the candidates with professional expectations out of them for the advertised position. More quality time can be devoted to analyse how the experience and aptitude of candidates measure up to the job descriptions. This would make the interview process more value added as the candidates with proven backgrounds would care to apply.

4) Reduces Your Occupational Hazards Related Risks

Suppose, your organization is in the business of explosive manufacturing and supply. A person with malicious intent would scuttle your safety measures and expose your firm to a miserable condition. He can connive with perpetrators of crime and may smuggle out explosives from the unit surreptitiously. By the time the matter would come to the notice of the senior management, it might get very late. If the issue is highlighted in media, your organizational reputation would be dented, and the government may also cancel operating license.

Similarly, if your firm caters to the needs of children or geriatric patients, a person with a violent bent of mind can sexually abuse or assault children or outrage the modesty of patients. With his abusive or sexually explicit behaviour, he can get the negative word spread about your venture easily. It can take its toll on your profitability. With proper criminal background checks, such occupationally hazardous prospects can be averted. Risks of unwarranted incidents are mitigated to a large extent.

5) Prevents Your Business Bottom Line from Being Adversely Impacted

When you hire a candidate, you spend a significant amount of money on the training and orientation. After that, you entrust the person with access to sensitive information and classified organizational material. If the candidate turns out to be a criminally active person, the money and resources spent will go down the drain. Further, malevolent manipulation of confidential information would get your trade secrets passed on to the hands of adversaries. The outcome would be disastrous for your firm’s operating margin.

Criminal Background Checks: The Need of the Hour

Criminal background checks in Canada would help your firm forge ahead confidently with strategic victories all over by relying on the proficiencies and commitment of ethically sound and professionally competent employees.

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