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A Memorable Trip to Shimla with My Girl Gang


Traveling to different places has always been close to my heart. For me, it is like losing myself in the captivating views and beautiful experiences and at the same time finding my inner self in the solace that comes with it. So be it the hills or the gorgeous stretches of blue oceans, I am always ready for new adventures. This was why after my mid sem exams, I planned a trip to Shimla with my girlfriends, as it has always been on my travel bucket list, given its unparalleled natural beauty and pleasant weather. 

To make the most of our journey and enjoy it to the fullest, we opted for a road trip and decided to hire a reliable and affordable taxi from Chandigarh to Shimla.

Upon reaching there, we were astounded by the magnificence of this hill station. Also, let me tell you that Shimla, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, colossal mountains, and bustling markets, is an enchanting hill station. After looking at such scenic vistas of the hills, we couldn’t contain our excitement of exploring the city and quickly began sightseeing after checking in to our hotel. 

Here are some of the top places we visited during our Shimla trip. 

Fun-filled visit to the Mall Road 

The recreational and commercial part of the town, Mall Road, is undoubtedly a fascinating place we visited in Shimla. Located in the heart of Shimla, Mall Road is the main street lined up with restaurants, clubs, local souvenir shops, eating joints, and more. 

Also, from books and keepsakes to handicrafts and jewelry, there is a lot that the street offers for shopping buffs like me. 

Army Heritage Museum at Annandale

The next stop on our list was the famous Army Heritage Museum at Annandale. Surrounded by a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountain ranges and lush greenery adding to its beauty, this museum holds educational exhibits on the history of the Indian army, awards, military leaders, and the regional history of Shimla. 

While taking a stroll of this museum, we further came across the collection of army weapons and uniforms, some dating back to hundreds of years and modern ones like pistols and machine guns, which was indeed a magical experience. 

Offered prayers at the Taradevi Temple 

It was around noon when we reached the Taradevi Temple, which is one of the most significant temples in Shimla. Situated on the hillside and facing the splendid cliffs in all its glory, the shrine of this famous Tara Devi Temple is more than 200 years old. 

Many locals here believe that Tara Devi is an incarnation of the Hindu Goddess Durga, and this temple holds a divine aura that calms our minds and fills hearts with positive energy. Apart from witnessing the panoramic snow-capped cliffs, we also caught a bird’s eye view of the city and clicked some photographs for our Instagram. 

Explored the wilderness at Himalayan Nature Park

The wildlife in Shimla is a captivating spectrum of rare species, ranging from large cats to raptors and more. Also, at this natural park, we enjoyed a slice of the rich biodiversity that remains home to different birds and animals, such as Himalayan black bears, bharals, hangars, and Tibetan wolves. 

With its intriguing landscapes, warm hospitality, and pleasant climatic conditions, Shimla will always pleasantly surprise you with its scenic beauty. So if you want to explore nature at its best, hire a car on rent in Chandigarh with an experienced driver and get going. 

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