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A Complete Guide On How To Use Face Toners


Toners are water-based skin products that are essential in your skincare routine. Face toners, when used after a face wash and before moisturising, assist tighten skin pores on the face and keeping your skin undamaged. Using a toner after face wash ensures the removal of excess debris and oil from your skin.

 Toners often contain plant extracts and essential or herbal oils that are blended to meet the demands of various skin types and concerns. Using natural, Ayurvedic or chemical-free toners might result in a better outcome.

 Including face toner in your skincare routine will improve the look of your skin. Toners can provide the following advantages to your skin:

  • Cleaning

Cleaning your face just with a face wash will often leave pollutants and excess oil behind. This additional filth and pollutants are not apparent but might hurt your skin. Toners can assist you in removing these pollutants.

  • Protection

When you apply a toner to your face, it seals your pores and fills in the crevices in your skin cells. These may otherwise become a breeding ground for additional pollutants and grime. Furthermore, face toners are created with a variety of natural components that function as a barrier for your skin, protecting it from pollution and, to a lesser extent, sun damage.

  • Moisturisation

Herbal toners containing components such as rose water are naturally moisturising and aid in moisture absorption in the skin. Avoid alcoholic beverages.

  • Minimize pores

Toners, as previously said, aid in decreasing the size of pores to the point where they are no longer apparent to the naked eye. As a consequence, your skin appears smoother and more vibrant. Toners also serve as skin rejuvenators. 

  • Maintains pH

Your skin naturally has an acidic covering made up of perspiration and oil produced by your body. This aids in the prevention of bacterial development or assault. This acidic layer is washed away with the debris and oil when you wash your face with a cleanser. This upsets your skin’s pH equilibrium. Toners assist to preserve the acidity of the skin and keep the pH of your skin regulated. 

How to choose toner according to your skin type?

 Just like you choose other skincare products according to your skin type, you should follow the same for face toners. If you are finding the best toners according to your skin types and issues, Skinkraft might be the option for you. It’s a possibility that a toner that suits oily skin might not work on dry skin and vice-versa. Therefore, it is important to choose face toners according to your skin type.

1. For Oily Skin

If you have oily or kapha-dominant skin, you should use an alcohol-free natural toner with exfoliating capabilities. Toners with amino fruit acids or glycolic acid are an option.

2. For Dry Skin

Toners containing rose water are ideal for vata-dominant or dry skin. This aids in the hydration of your skin and allows moisturisers to penetrate more easily.

3. For Ordinary Skin

Toners that are not alcohol-based will work for persons with balanced, normal, or mixed skin.

4. For Sensitive Skin

Because any harsh chemical might irritate delicate skin, avoiding any chemical- or alcohol-based toner is essential. Even if you use herbal toners, check with your dermatologist about the components. 

Who should use face toners?

Toners may be used on all skin types, but if you have oily skin or apply makeup regularly, toners are especially important. When you expose your skin to harsh chemicals and cosmetics on a daily basis, it loses its innate sheen, gloss, and smoothness. Toners can then assist you in keeping your skin’s natural hydration.

While a person with dry skin can benefit from using an appropriate toner on a daily basis, people with sensitive skin should consult a specialist before using any type of toner. Toners containing alcohol should be avoided by all skin types.

How to use a toner?

Using a toner is easy. All you need to do is follow these steps.

  1. Soak a clean, soft cloth or several cotton pads in your herbal or homemade toner. Put them all over your face and you’ve got yourself a mask.
  2. People with sensitive skin frequently feel skin redness and irritation following waxing or hair removal. Toners aid in the relief of irritated skin and the reduction of redness. They function significantly better after being refrigerated.
  3. During the summer, herbal and natural toners prepared from floral steam distillation can also be used as a face and body mists. This might be a healthy option, especially for those who are sensitive to scents.
  4. In place of water, facial toners can be used in face packs. This serves as a revitalising and useful additive to herbal packs.
  5. People who work late nights and get little sleep might spray chilled toners on their eyes for a relaxing effect.

Using a face toner might make a huge visible difference to your skin. From acne to pigmentation, the right toner can do it all for you. 

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