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A Beginner’s Guide to Common Residential Renovations

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Advancement in technology has influenced many to renovate their homes, kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces with the idea of enhancing the architectural details. Due to the availability of 3D renderings, interior designs, and various renovation software, it is easy to plan and execute any residential renovations in no time. This article talks about the various renovations that can be made to enhance the look of your home.

Common Residential Renovations That Can Modernise Your Home

Small residential renovations that can give a modern yet classy look to your space are

  • Treating yourself with a bathroom makeover. A bathroom adds value to your home, just like a kitchen. A simple update can make a huge difference to the look.
  • Update the kitchen with minor renovations. The kitchen is the most commonly renovated space. Replacing old appliances and cabinets can give the kitchen a new and refreshing look.
  • Adding extensions is a great way to add extra space without moving house. Not only does it add value to the home and enhance the architecture, but it also makes it look more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Converting unused space, such as the basement or a new attic, into a usable living space adds value to your home. It can also provide room for your guests, a home office, a rental unit, or extra storage space.

6 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

1. Storage

Always keep in mind the need for ample storage in the bathroom. There should be enough cabinets, shelves, and drawers to fit all the bathroom essentials and still have room for spare items. Ensure the storage space is within your reach, as the items stored will be needed daily.

2. Small Tiles on the Floor

Another point to remember while renovating your bathroom is to use small, textured shower tiles. The textured tiles will give extra grip and prevent slipping and unnecessary accidents. The tiles should be easy to clean and low-maintenance. There are a variety of textured tiles available in several colours and designs.

3. Drain Drip

Installing a drain drip is a small and invisible part of the renovation but is the most important one. It will make a huge difference in the functionality of the bathroom. Make sure to install a 2-inch diameter drain pipe rather than a traditional 1.25-inch or 1.5-inch pipe. This will cost the same and drastically improve the drainage system of the bathroom.

4. Add a Window and a Vent

Ventilation is needed in the bathroom to distribute uniform air and drain out the humidity. While a vent will maintain airflow, a window, on the other hand, will let natural sunlight into the bathroom.

5. A Recessed Medicine Cabinet

A recessed medicine cabinet is useful when the vanity is on the shallower side of the bathroom. Since this cabinet does not jut out of the wall, this gives extra space to bend over and use the sink without any worries about banging your head on the edge of the cabinet.

6. Heated Flooring

Heated bathroom floors make a huge difference, especially in the winter. As most tiles are cold, heated flooring will cause the tiles to retain heat for a long time. Moreover, heated floors are cost-effective and add value to your home. They are more efficient at heating the bathroom when compared to a central heating system.

In Conclusion

Making minor residential renovations can help your surroundings look beautiful and classy. If you want to update your bathroom, look for the best renovation company to take care of the job.

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