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7 Tips To Optimize Your Website For Better SEO and Conversions

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With the online space getting more and more competitive in the digital era, maintaining a strong online presence for your business is never an easy task. The frequency of websites across all niches is growing rapidly, making it difficult for businesses to find their target audience. 


Thus, to make your website and its content easily discoverable to your target audience, you should optimize your website with better SEO practices. Here are some tips to improve your website SEO and ensure more conversions. 


Analyze Your Website Data

If many users visit your site and a large percentage of them do not click the CTA, there lies a problem. To understand what is wrong with your website, you should analyze the website data completely. With the help of Google Search Console and other user behavior reports, you can understand how the users behave on your website, how often they bounce back, and even the source of their traffic. You may take individual pages of your website that have better traffic and conversion rates, and reverse-research the whole process to understand what can be done to achieve the same on the other pages. Basically, every data that you collect about your website will help you to improve its functioning. 


Intense Keyword Research

The competitiveness of the online space has urged website owners to conduct thorough keyword research and come up with more niche-specific keywords for the business. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest allow you to find long-tail keywords or synonymous keywords that can rank your website based on the user’s search intent. You may start with a simple keyword and the keyword tool will provide you with a list of keywords related to it. Among these, you can choose the best long-tail keywords that can attract your target audience.


Produce Long-form Quality Content

You would be amazed to see that almost all top-ranking websites are designed with long-form content. This is because search engines like Google always long-for content that is rich in information, and at the same time, provides an engaging reading experience. If you design long-form content in an engaging way, readers will spend more time on your website. Google considers this user-engagement time as a very significant metric to rank a website. 


Improve Your Website Loading Speed

It is said that almost 60 percent of internet users bounce back from a website if its loading time is more than 4-5 seconds. This is actually more than half of the potential customers who may lead to a conversion. Thus, when the bounce rates get higher, Google will see that your website is not user-friendly, which will lead to a great fall in ranking. Thus, to keep the users engaged by a good first impression, you should optimize your website pages to load faster across all devices. You may use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to know the loading speed of your pages and what aspects are affecting the page speed. This way, you can find the flaws and deal with them accordingly. Pairing with a trustable web designing company in Dubai will help you with advanced tips to improve page speed.


A Mobile-First Approach

According to Google, about 50 percent of the searches happen from mobile phones and other small-screen devices. To have your advantage with the huge percent of your potential consumers, you should have a dedicated mobile version for your website. The mobile-first index by Google will rank your website better if it is mobile-friendly. WordPress provides you with various free and premium themes with a built-in responsive design so that you don’t need to add any other dedicated code.


On-Page and Off-Page SEO

On-page SEO includes headlines, descriptions, URL slugs subheadings, meta tags, etc. You should add your primary keyword on the headline preferably in the beginning so that it is visible when appearing in the SERP. The keyword should also appear on the URL slug and one or two sub-headings. The idea is to enrich your website with quality content with your primary and secondary keywords included in it. But you should make sure that the keywords are added organically.  


Off-page SEO includes practices like social media promotions, guest blogging, brand mentions, influencer marketing. These are all strategies with which you can optimize your website through external means. When it comes to cross-platform promotions, off-page SEO is very important. You may connect with a reliable SEO agency in Dubai to have a detailed idea about off-page SEO techniques.


Generate Quality Backlinks

High-quality backlinks from trustable and credible websites can improve your website’s value and credibility. Google considers such backlinks as an important factor to rank a website for related keywords. You should contact influencers, experts, and other credible websites and share your content to convey your credibility. The idea here is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship by generating backlinks for each other.


As we have discussed, there are a wide variety of techniques to optimize your website for SEO and conversions. Have a detailed look into it and then make sure that your website fulfills all the aspects.

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