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7 Must-have Email Marketing Features


1. Message Automation:

One of the most powerful features that an ESP can provide is email message automation. This feature typically allows retail marketers to send emails in response to a specific action or in a series based on a set of rules.

2. HTML, Responsive Layout:

The best ESPs now support HTML and CSS for creating responsive email templates that adapt to the recipient’s device.

In essence, this is email mobile optimization. In many cases, using responsive design with email templates will necessitate at least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, but the important thing is that the ESP provides users with enough design and template latitude to make responsive design work.

This also implies that marketers should avoid ESPs that use HTML table-based layouts.

3. Advanced List Maintenance:

Adding and removing email subscribers is a basic feature provided by every ESP. Don’t be satisfied with this.

Expect your ESP to remove hard bounces (invalid email addresses) and soft bounces after a certain number of failures.

Opt-outs, subscription changes, and other similar actions should also be automated. In addition, look for the ability to create list management rules to help keep everything clean and up to date.

4. CAN-SPAM Compliance Built-in:

The Controlling the Assault on Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act of 2003 defines the United States’ standard for sending commercial emails and empowers the Federal Trade Commission to enforce those standards.

The act specifies how subscriptions must be managed, as well as content and sending behavior requirements and guidelines.

5. Easy Integration:

Email marketing may be most effective when tightly integrated with other systems or services. ESPs should provide simple APIs or platform extensions that allow email capabilities to be added to an ecommerce platform at the very least.

However, opportunities to integrate email capabilities and workflows with mobile apps, social apps, or loyalty programs, to name a few possibilities, may exist.

6. Dedicated IP Address:

In the world of email marketing, a dedicated Internet Protocol address is one that only your company uses to send messages. Having your own IP address can help you deliver more effectively.

This feature is really intended for organizations that send a large number of messages.

7. Deliverability Help:

Email marketing will fail if messages are not delivered, and while email marketers may lack experience with deliverability, ESPs should.

Look for an ESP willing to share that information in the form of content that demonstrates some of the fundamental email deliverability best practices, as well as tools that detect deliverability issues in a specific message or campaign.

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