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6 Repair Tools for Your Cell Phone Repair Store Burlington?

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Clients need their iPhone 11 Pro Max repaired, so they come to your repair shop. You first check the customer is using your system for managing repair tickets. You tell the customer to pick up their device four hours after going through a pre-repair checklist because the fix isn’t too complicated. After that, you tend to other clients before sitting down to fix the equipment. A cell phone repair store Burlington will help you out in this matter!

You start by fixing the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Once the device is opened, the tiny parts are removed, and the issue is resolved. However, you notice that the WiFi / Bluetooth Antenna Flex is missing when reassembling the device. You search all around, but you can’t find it. 

You decide to replace your existing search with a new one when it leads nowhere. Because you can’t ask the customer to pay for your mistake, the carelessness results in you having to pay for the repair yourself. You dread the following conversation when you have to tell the customer about your error.

Do you understand what could get you out of this awkward circumstance? A magnetic mat.

Many repair tools available at a phone repair store can simplify your life, even though you may not know them yet. Repairs can be completed quickly and without tricky situations where you must inform the customer that a part is missing. 

Repair Tools for your Cell phone Repair Store Burlington ON:

Here is the list of some most important repair tools which you require at the Samsung repair centre Burlington ON:

Nylon Spudger:

The Nylon Spudger is a fibreglass-based tool. Manufacturer to manufacturer, the thickness varies. The Nylon Spudger comes in a wide variety. For instance, you can start ripping apart various parts using its variations.

A Nylon Spudger can also remove any extra silicone or adhesive. Additionally, it can be used for soldering tasks, such as quickly and easily severing a wire hook from the side of a nylon spudger. It is very useful when fixing cell phones and is typically 5-7 inches long.

Fine Tipped Curved Tweezers:

Small parts make up a cell phone. These components cannot be picked up without tweezers. The tweezers’ curved tips make them perfect for picking up and handling the tiny screws and parts used in cell phone repairs. You gain more accessibility, availability, and regulation over your repair project. Additionally, you can release links, reinstall flex cables, and carefully remove the tape.

You can easily complete repairs with fine-tipped curved tweezers when you receive them through your repair ticket management system. Therefore, disassembling complicated components won’t be a problem for you.

Screwdriver Kit:

A specialized screwdriver is required for this process because disassembling is the first step in beginning a repair. You will need to use a screwdriver to remove the pentalobe screws, even if you are repairing an iPhone. A single screwdriver, however, is insufficient. Different-sized screws come installed in different cell phones. You need an entire kit to ensure that you have screwdrivers in every size. In this manner, you can avoid purchasing a screwdriver from a vendor before beginning a repair.

Plastic Triangle Opening Tool:

It sounds simple to open a cell phone. But it’s not. The Plastic Triangle Opening Tool has a triangle-like shape, as its name would imply. Pry abilities are available in each corner. The plastic Triangle Opening Tool also has a special characteristic. It aids in the quick and safe installation of replacement parts.

Every corner offers the ability to divide the touch screen’s outer glass on all devices. The triangle opening tool is flexible enough to move around any housing device. It won’t permit you to take the chance of scratching the LCD or glass screen. You can then put a screen protector on after finishing.

ProtectionPro Kit:

You might discover that the machine you have been working on lacks a screen protector. If so, you can cut the screen protector to make it specifically fit the device. Specialized machines like the ClearPlex Light Starter Kit or the ClearPlex Express Starter Kit are available. You can easily double your income using this and a few other strategies. Now is the time to purchase the protection kit.

Magnifying Glass: 

You’re going to require some specialized tools to repair a smartphone. An essential item is a magnifying glass. Seeing every tiny detail on your phone’s circuit board will be challenging unless you have perfect vision. You can identify and address any issues by getting a closer look with a magnifying glass.

A pair of magnifying binoculars is an additional useful tool for this task. You will receive even more magnification. As a result, they are allowing you to work more precisely. A high-quality pair of binoculars like these are worth the investment if you frequently perform repairs. They’ll greatly simplify and lessen the frustration of the task.

Mobile repair tools are one of the most important necessities every cell phone repair centre must have. These tools are their assets to fix mobile phones as early as possible. You should consult Tech Emporium for a cell phone repair store Burlington!

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