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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Dual-Suspension Electric Mountain Bike


 So, you’re looking to buy an electric bike, you need it for commuting, exploring, racing, or all of the above, but you’re wondering should you get an electric bike with dual suspension. What is dual suspension and what are the features that make it worthwhile.

All best electric mountain bikes come with suspension, through two suspension choices. Standard hardtail suspension and what this article will discuss full or dual suspension. Dual suspension or full suspension/fullsus is a bike that has both front and rear suspension and a rear shock that is used to make the bike comfier and more efficient to ride, especially off-road. There are many reasons why someone would want both features as part of their electric mountain bike-keep reading to find out why.

Dual suspension provides a smoother ride

Dual suspension provides a much more comfortable ride to hardtail suspension. Dual suspension means that there is rear suspension that can absorb shock from all types of terrains, this feature allows the rider to be protected from injury and protects the bike from damage. This also makes for a softer ride in which cushions bumps and bangs. In addition to this, the fact that dual suspension provides a smoother ride means that cyclists can cycle for longer without feeling the aches and pains of a more rugged ride. 

These features can also help less fit or older people to ride with comfort and ease. It allows those who may not be able to ride a conventional bike to have a chance to engage in sport and cycling. Therefore, for cyclists that value comfort dual suspension bikes are perfect as they reduce the risk of injury and increase comfort.

 Dual suspension Electric Mountain bikes are much more durable

Even though dual suspension bikes are more expensive than standard suspension bikes,

they are much more durable and as a result, will last for much longer. In addition to this many dual-suspension bikes provide a frame in which can be updated and changed as you need. This means that advanced rider’s bikes can be updated as you improve as a cyclist. It also means that rather than having to replace the entire bike, pieces can be easily replaced should they break-which is much cheaper than having to buy a new bike. Therefore, even though dual suspension bikes are a bigger upfront investment for several years they boast value for money and may even end up becoming cheaper than buying more than one hardtail electric bike.

Dual suspension provides better handling   

Dual suspension provides improved handling. This is a crucial aspect of mountain bikes and not only allows more control of the bike to perform better it also makes for a safer ride. This helps to protect the cyclist, especially when taking tight turns, riding downhill, or at high speeds. This feature allows riders to feel safer and enjoy their ride, rather than worrying about falling or crashing. Therefore, if safety is a priority, which it is for many cyclists then a dual-suspension electric bike is a perfect option.


Dual suspension is better for beginners

Many cyclists may worry that they will be ‘out of their depth’ when first starting out, especially when moving from standard pedal bikes to electric bikes. However dual suspension bikes can help ease these worries. They boast better grip, meaning they are easier to control, therefore beginner riders who may lack experience or advanced riding skills don’t have to worry about obstacles or rugged terrain. 

Dual suspension is also more versatile, perfect for all types of riding and racing- therefore it’s perfect for beginners who race part time and use their bikes for commuting at the same time. In addition to this, the rear suspension in dual-suspension bikes means that rider fatigue is much lower, allowing beginners to step into cycling with ease, especially for those who are less fit/ have recurring injuries.

 Dual suspension is better for offroad riding  

Dual suspension electric mountain bikes are perfect for all types of terrains. They can handle any bumps, hills, or dirt that are thrown at them. Not only can a dual suspension electric mountain bike handle all types of terrains cyclists won’t lose any speed or comfort- this also makes dual-suspension bikes perfect for commuting, racing, or even exploring. This higher speed is a product of the electric bikes’ improved traction, the low centre of the bike means that they are more balanced and as a result boast faster speeds. 

The improved traction also means dual suspension electric bikes are much safer and therefore lend themselves perfectly to offroad riding. In addition to this dual suspension, bikes are more efficient for riding downhill with better control and speed which makes them a perfect option for adrenaline junkies. Therefore, for those who enjoy offroad riding, either for fun or racing, dual suspension electric mountain bikes are faster, safer, and more fun.

 So why should you buy a dual Suspension Electric Mountain bike?

There is a plethora of reasons why you should get a Dual-Suspension electric mountain bike. Whether it is, the offroad capabilities, ease of use for beginners, excellent handling, terrain versatility, or durability. Dual suspension electric mountain bikes are great for commuting, racing, or off-road biking; as such, their versatility, and reliability make them a perfect option for all cyclists of all experience levels.

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