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3 Ways to Use Reviews When Looking at Property Management Software

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If you’re in the market for property management software, you might be wondering where to start your search. What’s the best approach to choosing property management software? How do you know which features are best for your rental business?

Reviews are a good place to find all this information. Review sites like G2 or Capterra are a rich resource for landlords shopping for professional software. They can help you compare platforms and give you crucial information from other landlords who have used the software.

Here are three ways to use reviews when looking at property management software.

  1. Review Quantity

Let’s start with the number of reviews listed for a particular platform. Common sense would indicate that a high number of reviews correlates with more popular, successful software. 

A software platform that has garnered many reviews has a lot going for it. First, the software company has had ample time to grow and improve, so you aren’t likely to find huge bugs on the platform. 

Likewise, a platform with lots of reviews probably also solidified its core functionality. This means key features like online rent collection and document signing have been tried and tested for smooth usability. 

  1. Review Quality

It’s also important to look at review quality. Quality refers to the actual scores assigned by reviewers as well as the content of any written reviews.

When assessing reviewer scores, higher scores are obviously better. However, it can be a bit more complicated. Let’s say a software platform you’re interested in has a 4.5 rating. While 4.5 might seem like a great score, remember to compare it to the rest of the industry. 

If most property management software companies are scoring 4.8 or 4.9, that 4.5 may signify a more significant drop in quality than you first thought.

Written reviews are another resource for landlords seeking property management software. Written reviews can tell you the most common complaints about a software platform, its best features, and any potential downfalls.

When reading written reviews, look for recent trends. For example, have reviewers mostly complained about minor bugs, or are there larger structural or functional issues? Are there any features reviewers agree are subpar? Were you planning on using those features?

Asking yourself questions like these as you read can help you assess software options based on what you deem is most important for your rental business.

  1. Platform Diversity

A final way to use reviews when evaluating software is to consider platform diversity. Platform diversity looks at how different software options hold up on different review sites.

The three big sites for property management software reviews are G2, Capterra, and Trust Pilot. These sites are trusted due to their high standards for reviewers. For example, Capterra and G2 make it more difficult to publish a review—reviewers need to connect their Gmail or LinkedIn accounts to prove that they’re users of the software.

These sites are highly regarded, but feel free to browse others as well. The aim is to see whether reviewers across platforms tend to agree about the software or if there are some inconsistencies.

Also, be aware that different review sites have different approaches for arranging their pages. Some organize software organically, meaning software platforms with more reviews or overall higher scores are listed first. However, other sites allow software companies to pay for the top, most visible slots. 

What this means is that a newer software tool (one that hasn’t had enough time to accumulate many reviews) may be listed further down on a review site, but this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily worse.

Utilize Reviews to Choose the Best Software for Your Rental Business

Reading through software review sites can seem overwhelming at first. However, if you focus on quantity, quality, and platform diversity, you can easily identify a software option that meets your needs. 

The best source to learn about property management software is the landlords who use it themselves. Once you’ve utilized reviews to choose a software option and upgrade your rental business, consider leaving a review yourself.

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