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3 Types of Wax: How to Use Them to Personalized your Beauty


If you are tired from extra or unwanted body hairs. Then we introduce easy and affordable 3 Types of Wax & How to Use them and remove your unwanted hair quickly. In the market, a lot of different types of waxes introduce. But it’s very difficult to decide which wax is suited on which type of skin or which body area. To overcome this problem Femingle gives you waxing services at home. Experts come to your home and provide you with home waxing according to your skin type.

We allow you to use wax on the upper lips eyebrows chin. And parts of the body. Waxes work longer than shaving or other hair removing methods. You enjoy a hairless body maximum of 6 weeks.

Wax on hairs off:

Many peoples find itching ramps immediate after shaving. With waxing, you can remove this problem properly. Waxing is a completely safe method and is done easily with no fear of cut and burn. Book your appointment with Femingle is a chance to get care of professionals and comfort of your home. We have a complete description of our waxing services at home and a book from them that is suitable for your skin.

Add some honey to your beauty products:

Honey wax is one of the most popular types of wax options and is used by most experts. And it is one of the most useful products which nature can give to us. It is the natural ingredient that makes skin baby soft. Honey waxing is rich in antioxidants and less painful while used.

This is specially used on the larger part of the body. And easily spread.No doubt waxing is an unpleasant method through honey waxing it is not tough anymore.

Honey remove your unwanted hairs:

Honey contains dermatological benefits. Which are antimicrobial, immunomodulatory properties, potential wound healing treatment of many skin disorders. Which are rosacea atopic dermatitis and acne. Honey wax is not good only in hair removing but also you do not need a moisturizer after using it.

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Most People have Query how to make honey wax? The answer is you do not need to make it by yourself go to the market or buy it from your nearest store and it is affordable for everyone. And suitable for everyone.

You cannot get hurt by the sugar waxing:

The other type is Sugar waxing which is made up of lemon sugar and water and is considered a very antique method of hair removing. Women like sugar waxing from generation to generation because it pulls out hairs from roots. And remove the body hair 100%. Some peoples consider honey and sugar waxing is same but it is wrong sugar waxing and honey waxing are both different types of waxing.

Comfortable waxing makes your day:

Sugar waxing has there own benefit made up of natural ingredients. No chance to burn.Less irritation during the procedure. Sugar waxing not only has immediate effects also have long-term benefits it exfoliates the skin you do not need to use a scrub or cleanser after sugar waxing. Sugar waxing also makes your skin surface smooth and removes dead skin. The biggest benefit which attracting more women. The regrowth rate of hairs is very less. And Hairs growth thin and less.

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Fruit waxwork as a cleanser and bring a boost in your mood:

Fruit waxing is just like hard wax and it is strictly recommended for sensitive skin. Fruit wax is made up of single fruit or a mixture of fruits. When every we talk about fruit the good and healthy vibe has come to our mind. The fruit wax is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and many other supplements that are helpful in the nourishment of the skin. Due to its benefits fruit waxing gain a lot of attention. Fruit waxing works as skin freshness and cleanliness reduces dust from pores removes blackheads and whiteheads from the face. Fruit waxing leaves a thin and shiny layer after waxing. The point of fruits wax makes different from other waxes. Provide the barrier to moisture loss and prevents physical damage.

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