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3 Trends that will dominate the mobile app development

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There are 3 Trends that will dominate the mobile app development industry. All of these trends can help you become an expert in your area of expertise and help you make a name for yourself. Lets discuss these 3 platforms that will be in vogue for quite some time:

Cloud Computing:- Apple and Google are making a big investment in the cloud computing space. This means that not only will they be pushing more apps into the cloud, they will also be driving more hardware into the cloud. This is going to mean that all your devices will have access to the same apps, hence increasing your overall leverage. The apps will also run on the native operating system of your device meaning that you get more out of your device and this will translate into productivity.

Hybrid :- Apps Microsoft has announced that they will be bringing a Store to Windows devices. They will use the Windows Store to integrate the devices with their own app development platform and push more hybrid apps. Apple has also announced that they will be bringing a cloud-based app store to their devices. Hybrid apps will ensure that you get all the functionality from your device, without having to mess around with installing the actual app on your PC.

Wearables Apple introduced the i wearable last year and it has been a huge success. Google has launched the Android Wearables earlier this year. Both of these companies are looking forward to expanding their wearables to more devices. Apple wants to keep up with the competition and work on more wearables and Google wants to make more apps for Android Wearables.

AI Technology/ Predictive Analytics:- This is a combination of two technologies that will change the way we do business in future. First off artificial intelligence will play a major role in delivering more relevant search results to users. This will in turn help them to find more relevant content faster. The second use of predictive analytics is to improve customer engagement by improving the customer experience. The aim of this technology is to make businesses more profitable by ensuring that more customers buy products or hire services.

Universal Design By 2120 the majority of mobile devices will run on universal design. This means that they will have similar features and functions across all devices. It will lead to more convergence and therefore more opportunities for developers. The next five years will see massive change in the mobile apps development trends and this trend will become more pronounced in the next two years.

Cloud-Based Development By 2120 most of the apps will be cloud based. This is because most of the IT services will be moved to the cloud to leverage the power of multiple servers. Due to its popularity there will be a shift towards cloud development. Developers will require a server for apps but the services will be delivered as app service. By the end of the future more industries will have their own cloud infrastructure. The aim is to have all the apps on the cloud at the same time.

AI/omorphic AIT This will enable users to interact with on-demand mobile app development services. This will involve machine learning, natural language processing and data mining. There will be a new era of smart devices where we can train an AI computer to perform tasks on our behalf. Once the app on the mobile device becomes popular, developers will have to add artificial intelligence to it to enable the user to make use of the app. This will be possible with the help of predictive analytics.

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