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3 Reasons to Choose Offshore Staffing Solutions for Your Needs

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Did you know that the international tech giant IBM off-shores about one-third of its workforce to India? From research and development to managing computer networks, IBM outsources a gamut of its operations to Indian engineers, says The New York Times. That’s because India presents a hub of technically trained fluent English speakers who can deliver the same or even better results as compared to their coworkers in the US but at about one-third or one-fifth the same salary. 

Similarly, many well-known firms like General Electric, Ford Motor Company, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Amazon, rely on offshore staffing solutions for their business needs. Here are 3 reasons why hiring offshore talent allows businesses to optimize their operations. 

  • Access to a skilled workforce at a low cost

Sometimes, it may be easier to find a workforce with niche skills in another country than in your own country. For example, China has made a name for itself globally in the manufacturing landscape. Similarly, Germany is well-known for its quality and efficiency in product design. 

There’s no denying that having experts work on your product or services enhances its quality manifold, giving you an edge over the competition. What’s more? This option proves to be way cheaper than looking for and hiring the same expertise domestically. According to experts, organizations manage to save about 15% by offshoring all or part of their business activities. 

  • Ability to serve customers 24×7

Off-shoring allows you to take advantage of the time zone difference between countries. While one part of the world may be on its time off, other parts will be awake and working, thereby preventing any gaps or lags in your business operations. 

Not only that but offshoring also proves advantageous when it comes to customer service. Today, no customer helpline is limited to operating only within the industry hours. Customers need immediate service and resolution, or they will walk away from your brand. Therefore, your customers must have a touchpoint available to them 24×7. This is where offshore staffing solutions come in handy. By dividing shifts strategically across borders, you can always have customer service personnel available. 

  • Greater scope for expansion globally

Being present at multiple locations across the globe gives you the opportunity to spread your word across countries. Your brand gains recognition and access to a wide range of potential buyers, allowing you to build the reputation of a global brand. Moreover, offshore staffing solutions have a vast network of contacts, making connecting with overseas clients easier for your company and giving you a head start in global expansion.   

  • Takeaway

Offshoring allows you to work with highly skilled professionals from across the globe, opening gates to scalability and success. However, if you’re considering offshore staffing for your enterprise, it is important to do an in-depth evaluation of your business needs first and see if offshoring solutions fit them well. Most businesses do well with a combination of offshoring, onshoring, nearshoring, and recruiting in-house teams. 

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