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11 Cool Engagement Gifts for the Modern Couple

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Celebrating with the couple who just became engaged is a joyous and exciting time. When two people choose to spend their lives together, it’s a meaningful time for them as well as family and friends. Purchasing a gift for their engagement party or simply to show your support is not only a great idea; it’s also good engagement etiquette.

  1. Personalized Cutting Board. The modern day couple likes to dine out, sure, but they also like to eat healthy and cook their own meals, too. The gift of a nice cutting board, one that is personalized with their names brings a unique stylish element to their kitchen. Customize it with the date of their engagement, too, so they can always be reminded of their happiest day.

  2. Champagne Scented Candle. Available from Nordstrom, the Crisp Champagne Classic Candle comes in a bold black vessel with matching lid. Crafted by Voluspa, this candle sweetens the air with a fragrant blend of peaches, apples and vanilla. They can make every day a special occasion with this candle and know that it is free of pesticides, phthalates, sulfates and parabens.

  3. Visa Gift Card. A perfect way to celebrate their engagement, you can even add a photo of them and a special text note on the front “Congratulations” or whatever you choose. Visa gift cards can be used at thousands of retail locations and is safe, secure with easily tracked balances and purchases online.

  4. Cake Serving Set. Now that there’s a wedding in their future, the gift of this classic gold romance cake serving set (with knife and spatula) will be treasured from this day forward. Complete with gorgeous scrolled handlesthe set is lightly serrated for easy cutting and can even be personalized. Available at the Wedding Shop.

  5. Crystal Vase. If you are searching for a truly spectacular gift that has the look and feel of royalty, you can’t go wrong with a Mikasa or Waterford crystal vase. Crisp and clean designs on this hybrid traditional slash modern day gift make it one that will be used for both roses and wildflowers, on sunny days and those that are overcast.

  6. Scratch Off World Map. Does the modern couple enjoy travel? This Scratch Map available at Uncommon Goods is both an eye-catching display of their adventures as well as incentive and inspiration to seek out more of them! As they visit the various countries around the world, they scratch off that area which then is a prominent color.

  7. Engaged Christmas Ornament. A fun and thoughtful way to help them celebrate their commitment to one another! Get them a personalized ornament that includes their names and engagement date. Choose from clear glass, crystal, wood, porcelain, the sky is truly the limit. Get one that matches the couple’s style for a gift that will be continued to be treasured every year.

  8. Digital Picture Frame. Because traditional picture frames are so passé! The modern couple will love the opportunity to showcase a multitude of photos inside one picture frame. It’s unfortunate that so many of our pictures are kept on our phones or on the web, now they can view them til their heart’s desire from their vanity table, desk or mantel.

  9. Night Sky Map. What did the stars look like on the night they became engaged? With the gift of a customized night sky map, they’ll never have to wonder – or forget! Choose from a variety of color schemes and a light or dark background, you can include location coordinates, a date, and their names to truly capture this celestial moment.

  10. Cheese Board. Most modern day couples host lots of dinner parties, and those parties are not complete unless they include a charcuterie platter. With tons of elegant and stylish options available, choose a board that has plenty of space for crackers, meats, cheeses, nuts and veggies. Some even come with little knife sets for easy serving.

  11. Chest of Chocolates. There might be no better way to gain someone’s love than giving them chocolates. And an entire chest? Forget about it! The Harry & David Chest of Chocolates has a multitude of chocolatey treats for every palate. There are pretzels, cakes, popcorn, mints, truffles and more. The happy couple will love opening the chest crafted of wood and pleather.

Help the modern couple in your life celebrate their engagement with a thoughtful gift from the heart. Acknowledging the progress they are making in their lives will help encourage them toward a compassionate and happy life together.

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